Wireless LCD in 5 minutes!

Today, I was thinking how dirty and full of stuff my desk was.  So I
decided to relocate my graphic LCD to another person's desk but still
have control over it.  To do this, I figured I could simply use the
ACODE-300 wireless bluetooth modules.


Required Parts ;

2  ACODE-300 Bluetooth modules
1  ACODE Interface Board
2  LEDs
1  LM3940 or any 5-to-3.3v regulator
1  15K and 30K resistors
1  GHLCD graphic LCD (or any serial    LCD)
6  4-pin sockets (or simply cut a    16-pin socket like me~)
1  CUBLOC or some type of microcontroller
CUBLOC Study Board or some type of microcontroller


You can get ACODE-300, ACODE interface Board, GHLCD graphic LCD, CUBLOC, and Study Board from cubloc.com.

You can probably get LEDs, LM3940, sockets from mouser.com, digikey.com, Radio Shack, or your local electronic shop


[Larger Image Download]

You can connect your devices as shown in the above schematic.

(Make sure to use sockets for the ACODE-300 modules, so you can
plug and un-plug the modules for setup)

When you are done making the above, you will ultimately end up with the below:

(Study Board & ACODE300)

(ACODE-300 Proto board for Study Board Close-up)

(front of GHLCD)

(back of GHLCD w/ my ACODE-300 Proto board installed)

(My ACODE-300 Proto board for graphic LCD Close-up)

(Connections to TTL Outputs of GHLCD & Baud rate set to 115200)

The ACODE-300 Bluetooth modules are very easy to use and can be
applied to any serial RS232 interface.  You can make a wireless
applications such as this one or any other wired app into a wireless app.

When you are done making your proto-boards and connections,
you are ready for testing.

Insert your ACODE-300 module from your study board as shown
above to the interface board.  Also connect a serial cable and
DC power (between 5 and 12V) to the interface board.

Run the PromiWIN4.0_Setup(En).exe installer program and install
Promi software, which we will use to link the two ACODE-300 wireless modules.

      PromiWIN4.0_Setup(En).exe Download

The default baud rate for ACODE-300 is set at 9600 bps.  So Just
click OK, and you should be able to see the following screen:

Now we are ready to set the device to a faster baud rate.

Change the Operation Mode to MODE3, Baud rate to 115200bps and
set the device name to "device 1" as shown above.

If you get the message "Configuration has been applied," you are ready to go.
Unplug your ACODE-300 module from the interface board and plug it back into your study board.

Power ON your study board and your ACODE-300 should start
blinking the LED like above every 1-2 seconds.

Now take your ACODE-300 module from your GHLCD graphic LCD and
plug it into the interface board and run Promi program again.

Once you are connected, change the Operation Mode to MODE1, Baud
rate to 115200bps and set the device name to "device 1" as shown above.

After applying the above settings, Click on "Connection(out)" and press "Search".

You should be able to find the "device 1", the ACODE-300 module on the study board. 

Now, select the "device 1" and click on "Connect".

You should see both LEDs of ACODE-300 turn on continusly once
you get this message:

(LEDs continuously ON)

When LEDs are lit up like above, the ACODE-300 modules are
connected and a straight RS232 serial connection has been
established.  It's as if a serial cable has been connected

Now unplug the ACODE-300 module from the interface board and
plug it back into your GHLCD LCD module.

Now when you power ON both study board and the GHLCD graphic
LCD, you should see both LEDs light ON as shown in above picture.

Now open up your CUBLOC Studio and compile and run the tetris
demo program which simply send RS232 LCD commands.

(Open CublocStudio, and download Tetris program)

Tetris Program Download

When you are done downloading to CUBLOC, you should see a tetris
program running wireless!

(wireless LCD finished)

This wireless LCD should work up to around 100 feet flawlessly.
Now, I can have my graphic LCD sitting at another person's desk
and clean some of the clutter off my own desk.

Now I challenge you to make some other wireless app whether you
are using CUBLOC or any other microcontroller.

If you are having any trouble with above app, please e-mail max@zedomax.com

If you have any cool apps you'd like to share, please e-mail to max@zedomax.com



Downloads Again:

Schematic Download
PromiWIN4.0_Setup(En).exe Download
Tetris Program Download