Do it yourself !

HOWTO make make a Talking Halloween Basket!

My girlfriend asked me she wanted a cool halloween basket for her house on halloween, so I made her a halloween backet with some parts that I had lying around.

I figured I could use the voice module that I bought at Radio Shack for like 10 bucks a couple months ago, so here it goes.

We are going to use the PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulator) to make some glowing LEDs, and basic digital outputs to do a simple lip sinking action along with the voice module from Radio Shack.

This recording module is easy to use since it runs on 9V and comes with just 2 buttons, one for recording and one for playing.


Parts List:

1 Halloween Pumpkin Basket ($1 from Target)
1 CB220 Proto Board
12 LEDs
6 330 Ohm resistors
1 9V Battery
1 20-Second Recording Module ($10 from RadioShack)
Bunch of wires