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Zedomax Hovercraft Version 3 - Asteroid II

Build a bluetooth controlled

Holloween Hovercraft party light!





Okay, the other day we made a cool hovercraft, today we will add a bluetooth module and a embedded computer to make it spin!


Parts List:

Parts from original hovercraft.  (Yes, you need to make the hovercraft first...)

2 CUBLOC CB220 modules

2 CB220 Proto Boards

2 Acode-300 Bluetooth Modules

2 Pushbuttons

2 LEDs

2 I/O Cell Relays

2 5V to 3.3V regulator (for ACODE-300, I got mine off an XPORT Dongle...)

2 DC Jacks

1 9V Battery

1 AAA Battery

2 330Ohm Resistors

3 10K Resistors

1 Creativity

1 Concentation