Do it yourself !

Zedomax User Interface Skeleton

Make a User Interface in 5 minutes!


Video of Zedomax User Interface:

Parts List:

1 RCABLE Connector Male 6PT

1 CB290 Start Kit

1 3x4, 4X4, or 5x4 Numerical Keypad

1 Keypad Controller

available at cubloc.com

Estimated Time to Assemble:   5 minutes

Okay first, you want to connect one of the 6-pin connector onto the proto board like shown above.

Then, you can solder the 6-pin connector on the back of the protoboard.  

Noting the 5V, GND, P0, P1, P2, and P3 on the Keypad Controller, solder the appropriate pins using thin wires.

As you can see above, the right most pin is connected to Ground and the one next to it is connected to 5V.

You can see I've soldered the other 4 pins to P0, P1, P2, and P3 as shown here.

Now clip on your Keypad Controller RCABLE to the connector you just made.

Make sure to solder the Keypad on the Keypad Controller, something like above.

Download this program and test your new user interface skeleton!

Everytime you press a button, you should see the LEDs lighting up... (a little extra feature I added to demonstrate the Ladder Logic multi-tasking feature of CUBLOC)


Video of Programming Explanations: