Do it yourself !

Zedomax Digital Thermometer II

Make a Ethernet Temperature Monitor


Here's a video of ethernet temperature monitor in Action:


Parts List:


1 XPORT Dongle

available at cubloc.com

Parts from Zedomax Digital Thermometer

Estimated Time to Assemble:   1 minute

Estimated Time to Program:    zero (source code provided)

Okay you've built the digital thermometer but you ran out of ideas and didn't know what to do with it.  Well if you wanted to, you could add a Lantronix XPORT ethernet serial device to the serial channel and monitor temperature over the ethernet.


1) Solder the XPORT to the XPORT Dongle, it should fit right in.

2) We are going to have to hack the study board so the XPORT will power up on serial channel 1.  So unscrew the 4 screws on the study board and disassemble it like this:

3) Okay good, once you’ve annihilated the study board as shown above, simply flip the Channel 1 Board and Solder (yes, you need to solder) a wire as shown here.  You are simply connecting 5V to pin 9 of the Channel 1. 

4)Okay, now place it nicely back in place and screw everything back in.

Now when you connect XPORT to Channel 1 serial port (YES, the Bottom one!), you should see XPORT lighting up.

You should also connect 2 wires from RS232C TX and RX CB280 TX and RX as shown below:


  Download the new CUBLOC DS1620 program here:


Now you should be ready, make sure your XPORT is blinking and open up your Lantronix DeviceInstaller.

Download Lantronix DeviceInstaller

Select your XPORT and then go into Web Configuration and set the baud rate to 115200 bps and press "OK", then press "Apply Settings" on the left tab.

The XPORT should reset and you should be ready for some ethernet temp monitoring.

Download Zedomax Temperature Monitor Program w/ Visual Basic source code

Run ZedomaxTempMonitor.exe and enter the IP address of your XPORT and press the "Connect" button like this:

You should get a "Connected!" message if your XPORT is on the network.

Now press "Start Monitoring Temp" and wala, you should see the same temperature on the program as your LCD screen.