Do it yourself !

Zedomax Alarm System II

Make an alarm system in 3 minutes! (Part II)

Add a motion sensor!

Here's a video of Zedomax Alarm System II in Action:



Parts List:

1 RadioShack Motion-sensing Door Chime/Alarm                   $27

Other parts from Zedomax Alarm System Part I

Estimated Time to Assemble:   3 minutes

Estimated Time to Program:    10 minutes (or none if you use my source code)


The other day I was walking through RadioShack and found this neat little Motion-sensing Door Chime/Alarm.  

Since I already had an alarm system, I decided I could simply add a motion-sensor to my existing alarm system.




1) First disassemble the motion-sensor like shown in above picture.

2) Now disconnect the speaker wires, we don't need the speaker on the motion sensor since we already have one on our alarm system.


3) Solder 2 wires to the speaker wires.  Make sure to mark one of the wires as ground for later.  I used a black tape to mark it.

4) When you measure the speaker outputs, you should get around 8V DC, we will need this information in order to not burn up our CB280 module.

5) You can take the wires outside of the casing through the battery connectors.


6) Assemble your motion-sensor now like shown above.

7) Now you have a motion sensor w/ 2 wires you can use to sense motion!  

8) Connect the the Positive wire of the motion sensor to the middle of a 3804 TR.  

Connect the GND of motion sensor to GND of the study board.

Now you can connect 5V of the study board to the right side of the 3904 TR and the P21 of the study board to the left side of the 3904 TR as shown in the above picture.

Connect a LED Output to P21 to check that motion sensor is working and the CUBLOC module will receive correct digital signals.

Now check that your motion sensor is working by turning the motion sensor to "Chime" and try flickering your hands in front of it.  

The LED on the motion sensor and the study board should go off together in harmony.

Now simply unzip and download this program using CublocStudio:


You should get a nice Motion line added to your existing alarm system.

Try turning On your alarm system, the password is 1234.

Now make some movements on the motion sensor to set it off.

The alarm system will go off and the only way to turn it off is by entering your password again.

Press the CNCL button if you mess up your password.

Program Source...

(Bold for added code)

Const Device = CB280

#define MyPass 1234

Set Pad 0,1,10



Const Byte KEY_TABLE=(0,0,14,16,0,15,0,0,0,0,13,9,8,7,0,0,0,0,12,6,5,4,0,0,0,0,11,3,2,1)

'Key table if Keypad inserted backwards to the Keypad Controller

'Const Byte KEY_TABLE=(0,0,1,4,7,10,0,0,0,0,2,5,8,11,0,0,0,0,3,6,9,12,0,0,0,0,13,14,15,16)


Dim X As Byte

'Status of Alarm

Dim AlarmON As Byte

Dim AlarmStayON As Byte


'Status of Door

Dim Door As Byte


'Status of Motion Sensor

Dim Motion As Byte


Dim Password As Long









Input 0

Input 1

Input 2

Input 3



'Set port P5 to output

Output 5


'Set Magnetic Switch to input

Input 20


Set int0 2


Input 21


Set int1 2



On Pad Gosub PAD_RTN


Set Ladder Off


Set Display 2,0,0,128


Delay 100


Locate 0,0

Print "Zedomax Alarm System"


'Add motion sensor LCD commands

Locate 0,1

Print "Motion: "

If In(21)=1 Then

    Print "movement"


    Print "none"

End If




Locate 0,2

Print "Door is: "

If In(20)=1 Then

    Print "open"


    Print "closed"

End If


If AlarmON=1 Then

    Locate 0,3

    Print "Alarm Status is ON"


    Locate 0,3

    Print "Alarm Status is OFF"

End If




    If (AlarmON=1 And Door=1) Or (AlarmON=1 And Motion=1) Then


    End If


    If AlarmStayON=1 Then


    End If






    Debug "Door: ",Dec Door,Cr



    If Door=0 Then

        Locate 9,2

        Print "closed  "

        Debug "door closed",Cr


        Locate 9,2

        Print "open   "

        Debug "door open",Cr

    End If  




    Delay 500






    Debug "Motion: ",Dec Motion,Cr



    'Add motion sensor LCD commands

    If Motion=0 Then

        Locate 8,1

        Print "none    "


        Locate 8,1

        Print "movement    "

    End If


    Delay 200








    If X>29 Then Return



    Debug "Key Pressed: ", Dec X,Cr


    If X < 10 Then


        If Password > 9999 Then Password=X

        Debug "Password: ", Dec Password,Cr


        If Password = MyPass Then

            AlarmON=AlarmON Xor 1

            If AlarmON=1 Then

                Locate 0,3

                Print "Alarm Status is ON "


                Locate 0,3

                Print "Alarm Status is OFF"


            End If



        End If          


    'If ENTR pressed

    Elseif X=11 Then

    'If CNCL pressed

    Elseif X=15 Then



    End If







Sub Alarm()

    Out 5,1

    Delay 100

    Out 5,0

    Delay 100

End Sub


Sub Peep()

    Out 5,1

    Delay 5

    Out 5,0

    Delay 5

End Sub