Do it yourself !

Zedomax Wall Clock

Make a wall clock
w/ temperature monitor from scratch.

Okay, today I am going to show you how to make Zedomax Wall Clock that I use to keep track of current time, date, and the most important, the temperature in fahrenheit and celcius.

I am very sensitive to the temperature, especially when it gets hot, I gotta turn on the fans...

Here's a video of Wall Clock in Action:



Parts List:

1 Din-rail                                                     $1
Available at www.din-rail.com

1 CB290 Start Kit                                      $141
3 CSG-4M                                                  $34 ea
1 CSG-4S                                                   $19
Available at cubloc.com

1 DS1620                                                   $5
Available at mouser.com, digikey.com


Estimated Time to Assemble:   30 minutes

Estimated Time to Program:    1 hour (or none if you use my source code)






(Time is 10:23:08 AM)


(Date is September 1st)


(Current temperature is 21.50 degrees celcius)

(Current temperature is 70.69 degrees fahrenheit)




Solder on the DS1620 chip onto the protoboard as shown above.


You can solder 3 pins, DQ, CLK, and RST to the chip and simply connect to the IDS connectors or the termnial connectors w/ label P19, P20, and P21.

For VDD and GND, solder VDD to 5V and GND to ground on the proto-board.

For the CSG-4S, connect to the upper right connector and the CSG-4M to the lower right connector like this:

You can connect the 3 CSG-4Ms in series like this:

Now set the ID of the CSG-4Ms to 0, 1, and 2, respectively, using the DIP switches on the back.

(picture of CSG-4S, CSG-4M should be identical)

Program Source...

You can simply copy and paste the code to your CublocStudio and then download to your CuSB PLC.

In the beginning of the source,
you will see the following lines:

'   Timeset 0,&h00      'second

'   Timeset 1,&h28 'Minute

'   Timeset 2,0x12  'Hour

'   Timeset 3,0x01 'Date

'   Timeset 4,0x01 'Day

'   Timeset 5,0x09 'Month

'   Timeset 6,06 'Year

You can change this values to set the time at the beginning.


Download BASIC Source Code