Do it yourself !

Zedomax Party Light -

Make a computer controlled
Party Light in 90 seconds!

Today, I was thinking about how I can turn a household bulb into a party light by connecting an embedded computer for my next party in my garage.

Here's a video of Party Light Assembly & in Action:


Here's a video of programming the sucker:




Parts List:

1(or more) Household bulb + Light               $5
Available at Home Depot

1 CB280 Start Kit      $115
1 SSR4 Board           $19
Available at Comfile Technology

Estimated Time to Assemble:   90 seconds

Estimated Time to Program:    90 seconds




(SSR4 Board Close-up)

(2 wires to the study board, 1 to port P0 and the other to 5V)


CODE Analysis...

Now as you can see below, I made a very simple code of about 7 lines of BASIC code.  You can get more complicated if you want to.

But basically I used Out() system command to output logic High and Low to port P0.

Then I used Delay command to approximately delay 500 msec before setting the output to high or low.

You can simply copy and paste the code to your CublocStudio.

BASIC Source Code:


Const Device = CB280


    Out 0,1

    Delay 500

    Out 0,0

    Delay 500