Do it yourself !

Zedomax Stopwatch -

Make a stopwatch in 1 minute!



Today I was trying to make the G-meter and was thinking that I needed a stopwatch.  Well since I don't carry watches and I didn't want to buy a stopwatch, I figured I could just make one with some of the extra study board and seven segment displays I have laying around.



Parts List:

1 CB280 Start Kit   $119
1 CSG-4M              $54
Available at Comfile Technology


Make connections like shown below:





Simply download StopWatch.zip  and use CublocStudio to download the program.

The first pushbutton is connected to P0 of the CB280 and second pushbutton is connected to P1 of the CB290.

Simple, the first pushbutton is used for starting and stopping the stopwatch.

The second pushbutton is used for resetting it to zero.

Now I am glad I have a stopwatch so I can have it around for future projects...


See video of Stopwatch in Action: