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It’s getting near Christmas time and I needed to prepare some Christmas gifts for my parents. Since my Dad does not get much time on the golf course these days, I figured I could make
a training aid he could use at home to keep his swing on path.

Since I didn’t want to spend 50 bucks on the golf training aid, so I decided to make one real quick.

For swing analysis and see how the golf club aid can help your swing, click HERE

Parts List

  • 1 Red High Output LED $ 0.20
  • 1 Green High Output LED $ 0.25zedomax-diy124-how-to-make-a-50-golf-training-aid-for-5-bucks
  • 1 Hose clamp from Orchards Hardware or Home Depot (around 1″ diameter works good) $1.19
  • 1 Plumber tape (has holes perfect for LEDs) from Orchards Hardware or Home Depot $1.99
  • 1 9V Battery (You can use smaller batteries but 9V battery lasts longer) $3
  • 1 9V Battery Connector $ 0.45
  • few wires

Total Cost: about $5

Total Time to Make: about 20 minutes


You will need to fold the plumber tape piece into 2 little pieces and fit it on the hose clamp and clamp it with some type of clamping tool. The plumber tape has small holes and big holes. Make sure the when you are cutting it, the smaller hole is on the outside edge.

Next, get the two LEDs on opposite sides into one of the smaller holes. Fold the shorter side of the LEDs onto the hose clamp. This is the ground.

Next, hot glue while making sure that the longer side of the LED does not touch any metal. This is to isolate the pins from any metal.

Now solder on the 100 Ohm resistors onto the longer side of LEDs and hot glue it to isolate from any metal parts.

Get two wires and solder them onto the other ends of the resistors and hot glue it again for isolation.

Now solder the red wire of the 9V battery connector to the the two wires and hot glue them for isolation.

You are done! Hook up the whole thing onto your golf club or a pipe and power it up!

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20 Responses to Zedomax DIY124 – HOWTO

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  2. Colin says:

    On parts list you forgot to include 2 100 Ohm resistors and hot glue

  3. max says:

    oh yes, 2 100 Ohm resistors & hot glue or epoxy, actually they can be 220 Ohm…

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  7. Mike says:

    THanks so much for this awesome project! My dad is a big golfer and decided to make this for him. I didnt think I would have time to order the led’s from the internet so i went to radioshack. They had a bad selection but i did find 2 LED’s i thought might work but i dont know much about this stuff so I hope you can help… I tried to get the highest MCD LED’s they had since i figure that was the brightness. I found a 5mm red 1.7 volt, 20mA, 3000mcd, it was $2. I then was only able to find a 5mm blue LED 3.7 volt 20mA 2600mcd. I hope they are bright enough and it doesnt matter they are slightly different brightness but mostly all they had was like 25-300mcd LED’s. Plus I paid $4.29 for the blue one which sucks but i didnt think I could find them anywhere else. As far as resistors i got 220-ohm 1/2 watt, again thats the closest thing they had to what you specified and someone mentioned in the comments 220 would work. So what do you think? Will this work? I know I got ripped off but i dont know if i order the led’s if they will get here in time…. I also got a 1 inch clamp like you said but it looks much smaller than yours. Its a 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch clamp but i figured fully opened it should fit on the club. Also I am wondering if you screw the clamp when its on the club to tighten it i assume? How do you know its aligned properly so your def. helping the swing rather than making it worse? Thanks again! -mike

  8. max says:

    Hi Mike,

    Yes 2600mcd should work fine. As long as they are bright enough to see it shouldn’t matter too much. The 220 Ohm will work fine too. The LEDs should be perpendicular to the blade of the club using the pipe clamp and I found it works pretty good once clamped.

    Yes, it should definitely help your golf swing as long as you align the LEDs perpendicular to the “blade” of the club. _|_ like that… the underscore would be the LEDs and the | would be the blade. You can also put the LEDs near the center of the blade too…

  9. Mike says:

    When you say blade do you mean the shaft? I see how yours is on the club it looks like its parralell to the head of the iron correct? Also I was thinking is it worth putting in a little switch to be able to turn it on and off or is it easy enough to remove the battery? Also it looks in the picture that you put the battery in the clamp with the club shaft? I dont think my clamp is big enough for both…

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  11. max says:

    Hi mike, you can use a smaller battery or get a larger clamp. You can probably use a switch but the battery connector works okay… The blade is the straight edge part of the clubhead.

  12. Mike says:

    Max, thanks I got a better look at the picture and figured it out. The only thing is, in order to clamp the battery the way you have it, wont it crush the battery tigthening it against the club shaft and/or damaging the club shaft?

  13. max says:

    Hi Mike, as long as the golf club is stainless steel not graphite shaft,
    it should be fine as I’ve personally put on my nice Titleist clubs to test it out.
    It might crush the battery a bit but the shaft should be fine. The stainless shaft of the golf club is much stronger metal than the metal battery is made of.

    Oh yeah, update, after trying this gizmo while testing it, my golf game improved dramatically when I played yesteday. I haven’t hit any balls at the range all I did was swing this training aid and I had the best ball-striking day in a long time!

    Cheers! I might have to go on the PGA tour soon…

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  16. Mike says:

    Max, finally got it made, works like a charm!! THanks!

    You might want to add a few things. 1) you left out about soldering the black wire from 9v to one of the LED grounds, its in the pictures but not in the how-to.

    2) Mention that its very important that both LED’s grounds make good contact with the plumbers tape, one of my lights wouldnt turn on and it turned out the otherside wasnt making good ground contact so I added some solder.

    Overall a nice little project. How much does it matter if the LED ‘s are not perfectly aligned. One side is slightly further from the center and another side is slight longer making the LED lower. Will this mess up the device or cause a swing problem?

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  19. horisly says:

    i don’t know why. maybe it’s your site’s host problem.
    every time i want to come to your site, but always failed to open it.

  20. Lamka says:

    Интересно. А инфу не с ЖЖ случайно взяли? 🙂

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