Zedomax DIY122 – Make a LED Christmas Tree!




In this special Christmas edition of Zedomax DIY122, we will show you how to
make the geekiest Christmas Tree in the world using LEDs, bathroom pipes, and
an embedded cubloc module.

Check out Pictures of the finished Christmas Tree

Click here for complete HOWTO

or Check out our Wiki for printable version

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30 Responses to Zedomax DIY122 – Make a LED Christmas Tree!

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  2. max says:

    yes, we will work on that… 🙂

  3. arvil gray says:

    This is the coolest thing that I have ever seen.
    Neato !!!!

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  7. John M says:

    Do people still get beat up for doing stuff like this? I hope so. Regardless, this isn’t a christmas tree.. There’s no place for ornaments..

  8. max says:

    hi there, it’s a concept idea of a futuristic Christmas tree,
    if you have a better idea for a futuristic Christmas tree, bring ’em on!

  9. Dog says:

    Yes, it’s all very nice, but is it cat-proof?

  10. max says:

    We are thinking of an see-through plastic enclosure for it so it can hit people, dogs, or cats while in operation…

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  12. uhm says:

    if it really only shows what I get to see: what a pointless video! and, uh, learn to, uh, learn to, uh, talk!

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  16. I was reading the howto and wondered if you really need to seperately wire every one of your green leds. AFAICS, you can just hook all their anods together, just as you did with the cathodes. You can then put a single resistor in series with all the green leds (which are in turn in parallel).

    Normally, you would calculate the resistor value as (Vsource – Vled) / ILed, where Vsource is source voltage, Vled is led voltage and Iled is typical led current (last two depending on the type of led).

    Now you can just do (Vsource – Vled) / (n * Iled), where n is the amount of leds you connect.

  17. max says:

    Oh yeah, you can do that for the cathode side, but you still need to connect the anode side to i/o pins if you want to control it. That’s a very good idea! Will implement that in our next DIY!

  18. Cyberia2016 says:

    You can also colorwash the Christmas tree with additional mood lights from http://www.a-r-e.nl

  19. > Oh yeah, you can do that for the cathode side, but you still need to connect
    > the anode side to i/o pins if you want to control it.
    Well, you can really only do this if you don’t want to control them seperately (putting the resistor at the anode or cathode won’t make a difference…). The calculations I made assume that all leds are turned on. If some are turned off, the others will get more current.

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  21. thcm says:

    nice thing, ony hold your camera still next time, i almost puked.

  22. robert says:

    hi all. nice blog. its very ineresting article.

  23. gigy says:

    This is cool idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this project. You can find something like this from http://www.lunaraccents.com/technology-programmable-LED-controller.html
    also but if you want to do some project with them, make sure if you have high budget!

  24. tony says:

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  25. tony says:

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