Zedomax DIY121 – HID Portal

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Building the HID Portal

I had parts left over from the old project, as well as some boards that I had manufactured. After a lot of digging through old boxes, I started with this:

After a bit of soldering, I ended up with this:

There is a USB device and then a programming dongle to write the flash on the microcontroller.

Then came a couple days of getting back into the old code, breaking it repeatedly, and finally ending up with a working HID portal device. I wired everything together using a CUBLOC 405 proto board. I could have used a much smaller CUBLOC, like the CB220, and it would have worked the same way.

Update: Here’s some details regarding construction of the USB Corsair. I wanted to preserve the look of the airplane as much as possible, but still make it functional as an input device.

First of all, I needed a way to get communication and power into the airplane. I needed power, ground, CLK, Data, /RST, and three lines for the serial port because I want to program the CUBLOC without taking the airplane apart. The following photos show the wing section of the Corsair, and where I planned to install jack:

Next, I epoxied an Ethernet jack to the air scoop. It carries eight conductors, which is exactly what I need.

After the epoxy hardened, I wired the appropriate lines to a serial connector for use with the CB220 Proto board. I’ve already soldered a socket on the board for the accelerometer module from Dimension Engineering.

I’ve soldered a header onto the proto board and have started soldering all the connections I’ll need.

I need to add buttons to the airplane, so I drilled holes on either side of the fuselage and inserted a button in each.

Here I’ve glued in a potentiometer for throttle control, as well as mounts for the proto board, and two orange LEDs to simulate glow from the exhaust. I have no idea if there actually would be glow, but it looks cool.

This is the wiring harness for the other end of the Ethernet cable. I’ve split off connections for serial and power, as well as a wire that connects to my USB device.

This is what the completed wing and body sections look like, with buttons and LEDs installed. I’ve also placed a small DC motor in the nose to make the propeller spin.

The controller board is done, so I’m gently securing it inside the wing section with a few zip ties.

Snap all the headers in place, put the wing section on the body section, and everything should be ready!

Here’s how the connection to the airplane looks.

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  1. MvdLinden says:

    very cool work..

    Please contact me. I have a project in which you might be interested.

  2. garrett says:

    If you sent your contact information to garrett@zedomax.com then perhaps we can talk?

  3. Jerry Jewell says:

    Hi Max and Garret
    Please contact me regarding a similar project for use in animatronics. Thanks

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