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Taking it Further…Applying to Swing


You could probably take pictures
and check out your swing arc for swing analysis.

As you can see, the letters will go backwards on the backswing and forwards
on the forwardswing. Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons” has a good picture of
correct swing arc for a golf swing. You will see somewhere in the book of something similar
as the below picture but without LEDs…

(Not too shabby huh? The letters say “HELP” here, yes help Max fix his swing…)

Check out this comparison with Ernie Els:

It would usually require a V1 Golf Video analysis for you to analyze your swing arc,
now you can do it for around $60 and a digital camera.


Max’s Backswing to Finish:

Garret’s Follow-through:

Jackie’s follow-through arc:

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