Zedomax DIY118 HOWTO

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(See next page for Swing Analysis)


Parts List (Again):

1 CUBLOC CB220 $34
1 CUBLOC CB220 Proto-Board $5
(available from cubloc.com)
8 High Output Blue LEDs (Part #: 183222) $3 each
1 empty semiconductor sleeve (or some type of see-through plastic enclosure) Find something like it!
8 100 Ohm resistors (Anything between 50 to 100 Ohm will work) $1 for a hundred
1 9V Battery $2
(available from Jameco)

You can also get various LEDs at Alan’s store!

1 Golf Club (preferably something between 7 iron and 3 iron)

Couple wires

Time to do: About 2 hours.

First thing we gotta do is make some holes for the ultra-bright LEDs
from Jameco on the semiconductor sleeve.

The ultra-bright LEDs from Jameco had an outer layer at the bottom
which had a bigger diameter. So we figured we can make a small hole
for the top of the sleeve so the LED will snuggly fit onto the semiconductor sleeve.

So use a precision measuring tool like Garrett did here:

We found that the LED diameter was about 5mm, so we found a drill that was about 5mm as shown here:

Measure out holes 1 inch apart and mark it like shown here:

Using the 5mm drill, we drilled 8 holes on the sleeve, straight-through it.

Next we managed to find the diameter of the outer layer which was about 6mm.

We found a drill about 6mm as shown here:

Next use the drill for the BOTTOM holes of the sleeve. So the whole

LED will go through the sleeve but not the TOP holes.

Next stick each of the LEDs into the sleeve like shown here:

and here:

You can use a screwdriver to push in the LEDs like shown here:

When you finish inserting all 8 LEDs, you should have something like this:

Next we figured we wanted to test the circuit before actually putting it
together, but you can probably skip this step if you want.

Simply test your LEDs, and see if you can make this program work and
make all the light come on.

You will probably have to play with some resistors and wires…

Once done testing and making sure your circuit works, tie up your sleeve
to the bottom of the golf club using some electrical tape:

Next using wires connect to the longer (POSITIVE) sides of the LEDs.

Make the wires about 2 feet in length so it can reach the embedded computer

CUBLOC later on.

Solder it or tape it:

You should get something like this:

Use a tape to cover it:

For the other side (the shorter side of LEDs), connect a 100 Ohm resistor
to each LED and pair them like this:

Then you should use one wire to hook up to the bottom of each resistor pair,

this wire will eventually goto the ground of our CUBLOC proto-board.

Now grab your proto-board and cut in half like this:

(I am using one of my older boards here, so you can ignore the parts on it.)

We need a little case for the proto-board. So I simply took the CB220 plastic case
that comes with the CB220 and made some holes to fit it.

I used a solder to melt some holes, but I don’t recommend it as it’s
bad for the environment and I got a big headache for like an hour…

You need holes for the I/O pins, this is where all your LED positive wires
will hook up to.

Completed case with programmable serial port and DC jack hole:

Next take each of the positive LED wires you hooked up earlier and bring
it through the big I/O hole:

Bring all of the I/O wires through the hole and solder it to the CB220 I/O

ports from P8 to P15 like this:

Bottom view of the proto-board:

No put the proto-board back in the plastic case and you should get
something nice like this:

Tape up everything together and add a 9V battery too.

Now go out there and make some practice swings.

(Above is Garrett swing the golf POV)

Looks like Garrett need help with his follow-though…

Yes, I need some help too with my impact…

OOOOOO….. Os by Garrett

Nice swing by Jackie!

See next page for Taking It Further…

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  2. chris says:

    How much would you charge for one. I would like to buy one from you. I dont think I am as tech savvy as you. drop me an email. mygolfandstuff@yahoo.com

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