Zedomax DIY HOWTOs

Zedomax DIYs are what brought Zedomax.com to life and you might want to learn that this site wasn’t really even a blog when it all first started out.

Here’s the HTML versions of this blog for your interests:

Of course, eventually I started porting to WordPress blogging platform back in about August 2006. (That’s when not many people were using WordPress but I did find that WordPress was simple and easy to install after trying a dozen different blogging platforms.)

Here’s a couple more DIYs which now reside on the WordPress platform:

And last but not least, read up on how to make a soju lamp! – You will need to drink a lot of soju and get a lot older to make one.

You can find all the Zedomax DIY/HOWTOs here or you can get the free 300+ page PDF E-book by signing up for our Newsletter.

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  1. alex says:

    hey their im having trouble rooting my evo i get up to the point where i put in the 3rd step and it tells me that adb push root/unrevoked-forever.zip /sdcard/ device not found so i went ahead and download the drivers but it still gives me the same thing so could you tell me what am i doing wrong or what am i missing thanks a million

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