Zedomax DIY 115- HOWTO establish serial connection with PCs bluetooth 2.0 with ACODE-300


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HOWTO establish serial connection with PC’s bluetooth 2.0 with a ACODE-300
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Parts List:

1 ACODE-300
1 ACODE-300 Interface Module
1 PC or Laptop (with Bluetooth)
1 Persistence

Okay, today at work I have been getting a lot of calls on how to connect the ACODE-300 serial to bluetooth converter module to a PC or Laptop with bluetooth…

Well since the ACODE-300 is bluetooth 1.1 compliant and bluetooth 2.0 is backward compatible, the ACODE-300 should have no problem in establishing serial connection with a PC.

Why do you need this?

Well let’s say you are using an MCU (Microcontroller) such as AVR, PIC, Make Controller, Basic Stamp, or CUBLOC. If you were to use the ACODE-300 module on the MCU side and if you wanted to write a customized C++ or Visual Basic program on your PC to control the embedded module, you would need to know this.

But since the ACODE-300 communicates via serial to the MCU, we have less stuff to develop and spend more time making things instead of stuck in fron of your hard-to-use bluetooth module or waiting for tech support over the phone.

To test the serial communication, we can simple open up two HyperTerminals. I will use a PC connected instead of an MCU to the ACODE300 via a ACODE300 Interface Board and use my new HP Laptop that comes with Bluetooth 2.0 (and Lightscriber too, which can write labels to CDs…hehe)

For example, the Bluetooth Hovercraft we made the other day, we could control the hovercraft via your PC or laptop instead of building another ACODE transmitter module (I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before…duh…)


Time to do: About 5 minutes…

Anyways, getting back to MCU business here…

To simulate, we are using my PC connected to the ACODE300 and my laptop, which needs no connection to anything since it is wireless via bluetooth 2.0.

Okay, so insert the ACODE onto the ACODE Interface Board and connect a serial cable to the PC.

Next, you need a second PC or laptop with bluetooth. (You can buy a stamp sized bluetooth USB Dongle at Radio Shack or any other electronic gizmo shop)

PromiWIN4.0_Setup(En).exe Download

Next open up PromiWIN on your PC with ACODE connected to the serial port, configure the ACODE-300 to 115200 bps, and also under “Security Option”, check “Authentication” and “Encryption” and type in a password. (I used “1111” as my password)

All PC Bluetooth and other bluetooth devices will ask for a security password for connections so you need to do this.
Also set the ACODE to “MODE3”.

Hit “Apply” and you are ready to rock and roll.

Next, goto your PC or Laptop with bluetooth and find the bluetooth explorer. There, you should be able to find your ACODE bluetooth module like shown here:

Click right button, and “Pair Device”.

Next, you will enter the password you set for the ACODE-300, so here I put “1111”, which is my password. Notice that the device name “controller” is also same as what I set earlier with my ACODE-300.

Next, you will see a checkmark by the bluetooth module, meaning it’s configured.

Now double-click on the bluetooth module, and you will find that “Generic Serial on xxx” is under it like shown here:

Do you notice that the Bluetooth has been set to COM5 for serial communications? Simply open up your HyperTerminal and connect to COM5 or whatever port your bluetooth module is configured to.

Next set the baud rate to 115200 like the ACODE, and click OK!

Now open up Hyperterminal on your PC with ACODE-300 exactly same except you choose the right serial port number.

Now if you type anything on the PC with ACODE-300, you will see it show up on your PC or laptop with Bluetooth.

If you don’t you probably have some setting such as baudrate not right…

Taking it Further…

Yes, you can take this further to make serial connection from your PC or Laptop’s bluetooth to any type of MCU that supports serial communication.

Next time, we will try testing this method with my pda phone HTC 8125…and maybe we can make a pda controlled hovercraft!

Next time, let’s make a small prototype bluetooth device we can control via our Laptop bluetooth…


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