Zedomax DIY 112 – Zedomax Hovercraft version 2 – Asteroid!


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Close Up:

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Okay, yesterday through the instructable, we made a simple hovercraft.

Today, we are going to take it to another level by taking FOUR PC fan coolers and running the FANS at 24VDC instead of  the 12V DC rating.  I think they are okay up to 30VDC, well, our fans are still running…

Parts List:

4 Antec PC Case FANS   $8 each

1 Foam Board           $3

(goto Staples or Office Depot, Office Max)

1 Knife

1 DC Power source of some sort

Okay, as me and Jackie bought some foam board and some PC fans, we thought about how we are going to make it… Since the foam board is flat, we figured we needed a separate outside layer for air pressure to build inside the circle…

First, we didn’t have an idea about the physics of a hovercraft, but figured it might as well be a circle.

So we quickly grabbed some paper and drew a big circle like shown here:

Next, we grabbed another foam board and made the outside layer for the circle.

Next, we cut those circles…and yes I got thumbs up from Jackie…

Next we randomly decided for the fan location to be 3 inches from the center like shown here and marked it using the measuring tool…

Next, we made sure the locations were perpendicular using a paper like shown here:

Next we took part of my PC case, where it has an exact circle of a PC case fan and drew 4 circles for the fans…

When done right, looks like this:

Next, simply cut the circles, then glue the outside circle piece onto the main circle piece.

Place the 4 PC fans and glue them onto the holes using a glue gun like shown here:

Make sure to keep everything air-tight like this:

Finished Hovercraft Asteroid bottom view:

Finished Hovercraft Asteroid top view:

(You can simply connect all VCC together and Ground (GND) together and connect to a LAN wire (well you don’t have to use LAN wire, it’s the only thing I could find that was longer than 6 feet)

When you are done, hook up VCC and GND to your power supply and crank up your Power Supply to 12V, if it works well, crank upto 24V and enjoy!

This hovercraft is way more powerful than the single fan version, it almost came 1/2 inch off the ground at 22VDC like shown here:

Taking It Further….

Yes, next time I think we are going to somehow see if we can put a microcontroller on this hovercraft and make it move by itself…

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7 Responses to Zedomax DIY 112 – Zedomax Hovercraft version 2 – Asteroid!

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  2. andrem says:

    the idea was mine (andres m) from instructables… well u made it better good job

  3. max says:

    oh thanks!
    yes, credits goes to andres m for making this first! 🙂

  4. punk says:

    hey i tried this one to make …………….i made a small one using two pc fans but it didnt hover

  5. max says:

    i haven’t tried 2 pc fans but i know 1 or 4 pc fans work…

  6. punk says:

    do u know y it doesnt work when we put 2 pc fans ?

  7. punk says:

    how does this hovercraft work.?

    i made one but when i on it the air goes down and again comes upa

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