Zedomax DIY 105 – Make a computer controlled Party Light in 90 seconds!


Do it yourself !

Zedomax Party Light –Make a computer controlled

Party Light in 90 seconds!

Today, I was thinking about how I can turn a household bulb into a party light by connecting an embedded computer for my next party in my garage.

Here’s a video of Party Light Assembly & in Action:

[gv data=”ZEEOqhw4zCE”][/gv]

Here’s a video of programming the sucker:

[gv data=”sXx7kQU4axI”][/gv]

Parts List:

1(or more) Household bulb + Light $5
Available at Home Depot

1 CB280 Start Kit $115
1 SSR4 Board $19
Available at Comfile Technology

Estimated Time to Assemble: 90 seconds

Estimated Time to Program: 90 seconds


(SSR4 Board Close-up) (2 wires to the study board, 1 to port P0 and the other to 5V)


CODE Analysis…

Now as you can see below, I made a very simple code of about 7 lines of BASIC code. You can get more complicated if you want to.

But basically I used Out() system command to output logic High and Low to port P0.

Then I used Delay command to approximately delay 500 msec before setting the output to high or low.

You can simply copy and paste the code to your CublocStudio.

BASIC Source Code:


Const Device = CB280


Out 0,1

Delay 500

Out 0,0

Delay 500


Taking it Further…

Now since the SSR4 board supports up to 4 AC devices up to 250VAC, you are only limited to your imagination on how many household lights you can control.

This probably can be applied to home automation, club scenes, robotics, and more!

I think if you own a small night club, you can definitely make a use out of this type of DIY…

Paty Light Part II

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