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Zedomax Sprinkler System –

Make a Touch-screen sprinkler system

Couple months ago, my friend’s sprinkler contol system broke, so I decided to build him one using a touch screen controller.

The other day, I went to Home Depot and I’ve noticed there was no touch screen sprinkler system on the market yet, or at least not at Home Depot.

Anyways, today I will show you how to make one and let you have access to my sprinkler program source code too.

Since I don’t own a house like my friend and live out of a garage, I will have to simulate the water pressure using a water pump.

See video of Zedomax Sprinkler System in Action:

[gv data=”rFU2Z3k9w0Q”][/gv]

(yes, I went here)

(No touch-screen sprinkler systems here)

Parts List:

1 Utility Pump $59
1 Sprinkler Valve $12
1 Sprinkler $12
Various pipe fittings $20

Available at Home Depot

1 CT1721 Kit $399
1 Relay8 Board $29

Available at Comfile Technology

Estimated Time to Buy Parts: 30min

Estimated Time to Assemble: 20min

If you goto Home Depot, you will find lots of sprinkler valves, just pick one they are all the same I think…

Get a sprinkler or get whole bunch of them…


Connect the Relay8 Board to like shown below:

Then connect the sprinkler valve(solenoid) to the Relay8 board.

(yes, there’s only 2 wires on the valve)

The valve is powered by the on-board 24V DC power of CT1721, but you will have to use 24VAC for the real thing.
The Relay8 board supports both AC and DC, so you should be okay.

Then connect hoses, one to the water pump, the other going out to your sprinkler(s).One valve can support more than 1 sprinkler, please refer to the following howto links on calculating exactly how many sprinklers you can activate at one time:
via [Lowes]via [zedomax]
(My sprinkler wedged on the door)

(My water pump to simulate water pressure)

(Experimental setup)

Simply download sprinkler6.zip and use CublocStudio to download the program which are Program006.cul(LADDER CODE) and Program006.cub(BASIC CODE).

I’ve used a combination of BASIC and Ladder in this program to make one helluva sprinkler program…I think…

The current program is pretty stable I think,

but hopefully, I can add a temperature sensor to stop the

sprinkler on hot days and add a humidity sensor for rainy days.

It must be working well since my friend is not complaining about it.

You can add up to 32 sprinkler valves, well the program is for 12 right now, you will have to modify it to fit 32…

That means at 5 sprinklers per sprinkler valves, you could possibly hook up 160 sprinklers and control them.

Well to take it even further, you can use modbus to connect 127 touch screen controllers and control 127 * 160 = 20,320 sprinklers! Well, that might not be case unless you own a golf course…

If you are having any trouble with above app, please e-mail max@zedomax.com

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