Zedomax DIY 101 Make a touch screen Gambling Machine


Do it yourself !

Make a Touch screen Slotmachine & Blackjack in your car



Parts List:

1 12VDC Car Power Adaptor (Catalog #270-070) or any old car adaptors such as cell phone charger
1 DC Jack

Available at RadioShack

1 CuTOUCH CT1720

Available at cubloc.com

Okay today I was thinking and figured, why don’t I just put a touch-screen slotmachine in my car? I am stuck in traffic 2 hours a day. So that’s 2 x 5 days x 12 months = 120 hours a year. “I can gamble while I am waiting at the stop light,” I figured.

So you are thinking, “Doesn’t this guy have something better to do?”

Actually, this is the best thing I can think of right now of doing…

The CuTOUCH runs on 9 to 24DC power so I figured I just needed to provide 12V from the cigarette lighter plug.

Well since I just got a new LG cholcolate phone, I decided it was time to junk my Motorola V3 Car adaptor and put it to some good use.

(My Motorola V3 car phone adaptor)

(DC Jack)

So once you have some type of car phone adaptor or a 12VDC Car Adaptor from RadioShack, you can make the following:

First and foremost, please disassemble your car phone adaptor like this:

(1: Just uncrew the head part and it should all disassemble)

(2: You will see some type of fuse at the head and some type of board connected to it.)


(3: Just Cut the board with your sissors, making sure you have enough wire to work with)

(4: Solder to the DC Jack,
The one w/ the Fuse is the POSITIVE and the other one is GND.
On the DC Jack side, you should see dotted line on the wire for the GND and the other one is POSITIVE!)

(5: Now screw back on your car adaptor and you have a Car-adaptor for your touch-screen computer)


Now once you’ve done that, simply plug the DC Jack into your CuTOUCH unit.

Goto your car and plug in the new car adaptor you made into the cigarette lighter port like shown here:

Now place the touch screen unit on top of your dash-board until someone can think of a way of mounting it securely.

Now load the Slot machine program and play Slots w/ your touch screen computer!

Slot machine program download here

Or you can download the BlackJack program and play.

BlackJack program download here

(main screen)

(Playing Game)

(Dealer BUST!)

(BlackJack ready for traffic)

Video of Slotmachine:

[gv data=”MVeG8wV6Lg0″][/gv]

Video of Blackjack:

[gv data=”0qw7llT0ONg”][/gv]

Next time, let’s see if we can get deeper into other apps…

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