Zedomax Blog Search Engine Style Simple 2-Column WordPress Theme

After what seems like hours of behind the computer, I finally made the Zedomax Blog Search Engine Style Simple 2-Column WordPress Theme.

I made this theme due to the fact that I have over 5000+ blog posts but it’s hard to find anything anymore.

With the search engine bar at the top of the blog, this allows visitors to be more “search” minded.  (Plus, people searching for stuff tend to click on ads more, so you make more money too.)

In the blogsphere, we need new ideas that will catapult blogs to another level.  Although this theme might look simple, I have put all my 2+ years of blogging/design/hacking into this theme.

I feel that this could be a whole new start of blogs that highlight search.

Think of it this way, if someone visits your blog and reads your latest 10 blog posts and doesn’t find it interesting, he/she is going to leave.  The traditional blog layout’s biggest problem is that it features the latest blog posts with very little emphasis on search.

Instead, there’s a BIG search bar, people will “search” for what they want if they don’t find your latest blog posts interesting.  If those visitors find something interesting after the search, they could potentially bookmark your site and come back again.  (instead of bouncing and never coming back)

I will have some insights into why I made this type of search-style theme on my Adsense Optimization blog soon so check that out too.

I will be releasing the 3-Column theme soon too, which is what I have on this blog now.

Have fun getting more “search” visitors! 🙂

You can see the demo site here.

UPDATE: Version 0.3 Now Available!
Download Zedomax Search WordPress Theme HERE

Version Notes

12/14/08 – v.0.3 – IE6 CSS bug fixed, added plug-and-play capability for WordPress plugins.

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  5. dn says:

    When will you release the 3 column version?
    I’d love to dl it!

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  7. max says:

    yeah, I am working on it there dn, I should have it up by next week at the latest, please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t yet as I will write a blog post about it.

  8. I really like this theme Max, good work!


  9. max says:

    Yey, thanks Mike, please feel free to use it! :p

  10. really nice theme…thank you…

  11. dek says:

    cool template

  12. jasbinder says:


  13. jasbinder says:

    i need theme diy

  14. jasbinder says:


  15. jasbinder says:

    i need theme diy

  16. SEO Miami says:

    Great theme… Thanks for this info.. surely it will hit..

  17. will try this templates with my newest site. thanks

    Andreas Lee

  18. freemobilegames says:

    really great theme.

  19. Gearman says:

    Wow, its very cool theme.


  20. Junior says:

    Hello! ‘m Brazilian
    I downloaded version 0.3, but it has no recent searches and popular searches
    what should I do? wanted this older version of recent searches and popular searches.

    Thank you very much! Congratulations on the job

  21. says:

    Thanks a lot. A nice theme! I’m using this Zedomax Blog Search Engine Style Simple 2-Column WordPress Theme for my actuarial encyclopedia site. How to make the custom thumbnail in frontpage as I just saw your logo as thumb. Thanks again.

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