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Body in Bag Costume for Halloween!

Here’s a really funky, gruesome Halloween costume you can wear at your Halloween party this year.  This one is 100% guaranteed to get you more chicks, or at least get a good laugh by your friends.

The Body In A Bag costume is a one piece bodyag with a clear front and black back. There is a molded corpse body inside with a spot for your head. There is a back zipper for easy accessibility.

via neatorama,

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Crocodile-Skin Gym Bag Costs $13,800!

How about some authentic crocodile-skin gym bag that costs $13,800?  If you are gym-fanatic, this might suit you well for years to come and you can look “rich”.  Did we mention that you could get a cheap $5 bag on eBay, get 1 year membership at your local fitness center (around $1000 to $2000 per year), AND you could probably afford a used Mini Cooper if you decided not to get one? Well, probably a really really old and beat-u

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VHS Tape Purse!

At $50, you can save the environment and also support the artists who make purses out of old VHS tapes.

Bag crocheted out of VHS tape with a fused plastic liner made from a trash bag that was originally used as a dropcloth for some of our art projects. Bag was turned inside out and fused then hand sewn into the purse to create the liner.

The body of of this bag is entirely made out of recycled plastics including the lining.


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Alzip – Best zipping and unzipping FREE software

This is the best zipping and unzipping software I’ve found so far. It supports even linux tar tgz files! Best of all, it’s free!

They even got some free FTP software called AlFTP, which is pretty neat too.

Since I switch back and forth between my Ubuntu linux desktop all the time, Alzip helps a lot when I need to find certain files in a tar tgz files on my Windows system.

You can also download AlZIP and AlFTP on zedomax here:

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