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Zedomax LOGO FAIL!

I spent all day today designing new logos for Zedomax.com, take a look at my logo failures.  #LogoFail

When I look at them now, I say “gahhh”.

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3 Years Old – Happy Birthday to Zedomax.com Yey!

Well, I didn’t have time to write this post on August 14th because I had hackers attacking the site and plus I had some problems with hosting companies I was trying out.  But, low and behold, I am finally getting this “Happy Birthday” post up.

WOW, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I started blogging.  It’s been a fun and wild adventure as I have dealt with a LOT of web traffic.  As for that, I have even prepared

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Zedomax Personal Twitter!

Well, I have WAY too many updates on my old Zedomax Twitter account but I have made another one for those of you who want a “personal” contact with me, join my new Twitter account here:


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I am going to Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco!


(Do you like my new T-shirt?)

Well, sorry for no posts today, I will be going to the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, bringing my HD Aiptek to record some Web 2.0 stuff.

If you are going too, just look for the guy with “Zedomax.com” T-shirt, that’s me and I will be giving out freebie interviews to be posted on this site.

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Blog DIY – How to Make a Lightbox Newsletter Sign Up Form and Increase your Feedburner RSS!

If you want to incorporate the similar lightbox newsletter sign-up form as on this blog, I highly recommend you to check out my new ThickBox Sign-up Plugin for WordPress.   I did spend a good amount of time trying to make it into a WordPress plugin so you will have to pay for it but believe me, this works really well and probably worth well beyond the introductary price of $25.

After researching many different lightbox and thickbox methods, I could not find a good plugin, so I made this Thickbox E-mail Sign-up Form.

In the beginning,

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Computer DIY – How to Build a PC!

If you have been following Zedomax for quite awhile, you probably remember when my friend built a PC in 8 minutes.  Well, here’s some more good DIYs on how to build a PC.  Building a PC can be a daunting task for first timers while it’s a piece of cake for those who have done it before.

Building a PC can be a daunting task. It takes research and patience. Rushing through a build can create immediate or intermittent issues. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of of installing the PC components and provide some han

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Kindle 2 Dissected!

Anything that is new, especially Amazon’s new Kindle 2, is bound to get dissected.  I don’t know why it took so long but here’s Kindle 2 dissected from guys at ifixit.com.

    According to the article, the Kindle 2 has a 532MHz 90nm ARM11-based Freescale MCIMX31L CPU, compared with the 412MHz ARM1176JZ-S of the iPhone 3G. When they completely disconnected the screen from the battery, the content on the screen remained crystal clear even though there was no power to

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Buy The Kindle 2 at Zedomax Kindle 2 Store!

Well, just for the helluvit, I get these adrenalin rushes when a new thing comes out.

I made a Zedomax Kindle 2 Store here so you can buy it there using Amazons’ Astore feature.

(hopefully haha)

Okay, back to blogging, sorry for the interruption of Kindling around…

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PHP DIY – How to Add RSS Feeds to Any Website/Blog using Magpie RSS Parser!

One of the most common things we do in today’s Web2.0 programming are RSS feeds.  Now there’s a bunch of ways you can add RSS feeds to your website but let me tell you the BEST way using PHP.

1) Download and unzip Magpie RSS in your website root directory somewhere.

2) Anywhere in your PHP code, add the following line, while making sure the full directory path is specified.  (I usually like to put it in directory such as “magpie”)

require('rss_fetch.inc'); $myurl="http://ze

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New Zedomax Forum!

Well, I have been lagging a lot lately but slowly improving every part of this site itself.

Try out the new Zedomax Forum, I used WP-Forum by Fahlstad Design btw, it’s a great simple plugin.

On the side note, our blogger Andrew has just got a full-time job at newspaper in New York!  Congrats and we wish him a long successful career.

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