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Zedomax DIY – How to Make a Simple Green Laser Projector!


Since I have been playing with green lasers for about a year, I never saw any good use for them except to point them to the sky or buildings.

Since the green laser has a lot of power, especially the one DragonLasers sent me recently, I decided it was time to make a simple green laser projector without me spen

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Zedomax Maker Faire Showcase – USB HID Portal


Here’s video from yesterday before it got crowded. Today, it’s pretty crowded as you can tell on the live webcam.


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Zedomax DIY 128 – HOW TO Make a Glowing Heart LED Night Light!



I was at my local Dollar Store the other day and when I saw this Heart shaped Touch Light, I had to hack one for my gf.Here’s a quick hack on how to make a regular Touch Light and make it into a Glowing Heart Night Light.

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Parts List

Touch Light from local Dollar Stor

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Maker Faire 2007 Zedomax USB Portal Preview


Here’s a preview of our USB Portal Project we will be showcasing at Maker Faire 2007.

It’s basically a BASIC programmable USB device so you can connect embedded devices easily to your PC whether that be a video game, industrial application, or whatever that you can think of.

Check out our previous

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DIY – How to build a molding table

Here’s a cool project on building your own molding table for metal casting stuff

After several years of hobby metalcasting I’ve finnally gone about building a molding table a.k.a. molder’s bench for making my molds. Mold making is probably my least favorite part of the sandcasting process (I might even enjoy cutting the gates off the castings more). Making all the molds on the floor just added to the grief. While I saw many wooden table designs online I pr

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Zedomax DIY Quickie – HOWTO make your wireless network faster!

Okay, this one is very simple. First, download from Network Stumbler’s website.

Then install it and find out which channels other wireless networks in your neighborhood are on. Then select a channel that is not near anyone else’s channels. This little tip I got when I used to work as an IT manager did help when our company network was in the same wireless channel as 20 other companies. Of course, this might not help your wireless network if

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Zedomax DIY122 – HOW to Make a LED Christmas Tree!


Check out zedomax’s latest creation, LED Christmas Tree that also does POV.

Links to article:

LED Christmas HOWTO

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