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YouTube Video – How to Edit YouTube Videos Online!


YouTube, my favorite online video site, is now allowing you to edit your videos online using their new beta tool.  Right now you can edit videos (that you have uploaded) to make a new video with audio of your choice.  Now if they can add more features like adding custom logos, I would start using it all the time.

If you want to try it, go here.

via zedomaxnet,

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Interesting HOWTOs on Making Money Blogging!

Well, I have been actively blogging more over at Zedomax.Biz, which is my .Biz site featuring helpful articles for your life and making money blogging.

Here’s a couple of the latest blog posts you might be interested in:

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How To Download YouTube Videos

Download ANY Youtube Video – video powered by Metacafe So you found a funny video, and you are sure that YouTube is going to take it down, your only option is to download it. Do it for posterity. Here is a new video from how to download your favorite youtube clips

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How To Watch YouTube Video In HD

Tired of watching pixelated video on YouTube? This simple little hack will allow you to get a higher quality picture on many YouTube videos. WHERE TO USE THIS CODE: Most videos DO NOT have “View in Higher Quality” links below them like this video does. So by using this code, you’ll be able to watch ANYTHING in higher quality! TRY IT! : )


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YouTube Hack – How to Control YouTube Video Speed!

Wow, I have been looking for something like this a long time, a YouTube speed controller that lets you slow down or speed up the YouTube videos.

I find this utility awesome for analyzing golf swings in slow motion or simply skipping to a certain section of the video a lot faster.

It’s a free plugin that will work on most browsers including IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

You can download it HERE and try it yourself.

With MySpeed you can:

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Google Media Server bridges the gap between Google and your TV!

Google has just announced their new Google Media Server, which supposedly bridges the gap between Google and your TV or any UPnP devices such as PS3.

It looks like a great way to organize your media files in your PC, especially if you are displaying them to your TV or simply want to access them from your PS3, XBOX, whatever.

Google Media Server is a Windows application that aims t

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The PoD – Watch YouTube Videos on TV w/o a PC!

Here’s a cheap “smart” device that let’s you watch Youtube videos on TV without connecting your PC.

Why didn’t I think of this before?


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AT&T Confirms High Speed Rollout in Time for iPhone 2.0 – Will it be fast enough?

AT&T confirms their higher speed 3G wireless speeds when the new iPhone rolls out. At 1.4 Mbps Down and 800 Kbps Up, will this be fast enough?

The answer is already clear. Their current 3G speeds are so slow that you can’t even really watch Youtube videos on it. With the new “hyped’ 3G speeds, AT&T is only fooling consumers, who in turn will also fool themselves to believing this is something new.

Do you want to be lied to twice?  I don’t think so, just remember when Apple had those TV ads when the iPhone streamed live Youtube…

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TimeTube – See YouTube Videos as Timeline in One Glance!

Check out TimeTube, it allows you to see YouTube video timeline.

You can use TimeTube to see history of YouTube videos in one glance.  I typed, “Zedomax” and it quickly brought up a timeline of all the videos I’ve submitted to youtube since 2006.

Great mashup I’d say and you should check it out and bookmark this site for future reference.  I found it much easier to find my videos than YouTube itself.

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Use Cooliris’s PicLens Firefox Plugin to browse images, videos like an iPhone!

Cooliris’s PicLens brings you the web in a completely 3D format. You can go to your favorite sites like Flickr, Google image search, among the many major services you can use. You can even browse YouTube videos in 3D using their search function, which is nice.

It’s like having an iPhone version of viewing the web on your computer. If you get bored of traditional browsing, I definitely recommend to try this route for a change for images and videos.

Thanks to Sally over at Cooliris for the tip.

PicLens instantl

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