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Hey Seth, Please Take Down your YouTube Video, You are not a Real Blogger Guy!

Here’s my video response to Seth the fake blogger guy:


Why am I so furious?  Because I am a blogger guy and I don’t need AT&T using blogger guys’ credentials to ruin my reputation.  We don’t LIE to consumers. #AT&T #FAIL

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Laptop DIY – How to Fix Your Laptop!

99% of most laptop problems are caused by your CPU cooling fans (these are the metal thingees that are next to your CPU) being blocked by dust.  Most of the time, 6 months of everyday use will cause enough dust to collect in your cooling fans, which will either make your laptop run really slow or simply freeze up.

When dust collects in your cooling fans, your CPU fan will no longer work with you but actually against you, building heat on your laptop’s CPU, causing all kinds of havoc among frozen screens and boot up problems.

But don’t worry, it’s very easy t

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Sungale CD358LD LED Desk Lamp w/ 3.5″ Digital Photo Frame Review and Giveaway!


I’ve been very busy over the last 2 weeks fighting hackers and moving servers from host to host but I have finally got things straight tonight and guess what!

I just received the new Sungale CD358LD LED Desk Lamp prototype from Katharine. (Thanks Katharine for the sample!)

Anyways, we will be giving out this very unit, all you have to do is subscribe to Zedomax.com e-mail newsletter and leave a comment below of what you think.  (Sign-up form on the right side of the blog!!!) *Note – If you are already a subscriber

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FUNNY VIDEO – FedEx Infomercial on YouTube!

My friend Joel alerted on the latest “spoof” informercial from FedEx.  It’s quite funny, my favorite part is when one of the audience’s head blows off, (2:13) then he’s head is normal again. (2:14) LMAO.

According to Joel:

FedEx decided to make this YouTube video instead of SuperBowl advertising. They had tried unsuccessfully in the past to make a viral video campaign on YouTube; this time they enlisted Fred Willard (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind) to use his dead-pan humor for a faux-infomercial for FedEx.com. FedEx hopes to draw attention to their

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How To Download YouTube Videos

Download ANY Youtube Video – video powered by Metacafe So you found a funny video, and you are sure that YouTube is going to take it down, your only option is to download it. Do it for posterity. Here is a new video from how to download your favorite youtube clips

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GooHack of the Day – How to Make Instant Laser Coffee!

Well, as much as I love coffee, I had to find out if there were some cool stuff about coffee on GooHack.

The result?

Well, I found this Youtube video on how to make instant laser coffee.

This has to be one of the coolest laser videos I’ve seen in awhile although I can stop wondering how the coffee will taste…

Video after the jump!


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Amazing MSPaint(er) Draws a PSP!


All we got to say is…woW!


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LG KE850 – Similar to iPhone!

[gv data=”nxUDNOyjZIU”][/gv] Here’s a cool LG phone that is similar to the iPhone. Well, maybe this is a start of a new type of phones, with LCD face and touchscreen…

Two sparsely-buttoned large, touchscreen phones: the Apple iPhone, and the LG KE850 (which already won the International Forum Design Product Design Award for 2007). Separated at birth, or possible lawsuit number two for Apple? You decide

via via

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Apple iPhone Video from Macworld in San Francisco!

[gv data=”YgW7or1TuFk”][/gv]

Yesterday was the Macworld show at the Moscone Center in SF, too bad we missed it, it must have been a lot of fun. But, here’s the CBS web video of the new Apple iPhone via

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