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Microfueler can be used to Recycle Leftover Beer into Fuel!

Remember the MicroFueler that came out last May?  Well, Sierra Nevada, the beer brewing company has figured out that you can also use beer to make ethanol as beer contains yeast.

I am seriously going to get one of these beasts as soon as I buy my first house.  Think of all the beer I can re-use!

Sierra Nevada, brewer of delicious beers, has purchased a MicroFueler, a contraption that produces ethanol from water, sugar

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Gasohol Offered in Vietnam and I am Jealous!

Gasohol, a mix of gas and ethanol, is being offered to the public in Vietnam.  Ethanol added to gas can be effective and proven safe for most gas vehicles without any modifications.

Of course, you can always make your own ethanol using some yeast, water, and sugar.

When will we get Gasohol in America?  Probably never, gasoline companies make way too much more selling regular gas to us.

The timing could not have

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How to run your car on Water, Sugar, and Yeast using EFuel100’s Home Ethanol!

EFuel100, a home ethanol convertor, has been buzzing all around the world and TV. Basically it allows you to turn water, sugar, and yeast into ethanol. What do you do with ethanol? You can mix 75% ethanol and 25% gas to power your current vehicle.

That’s right, it means you don’t need to drive an eco-friendly car to save the world. You simply need to pre-order one of these ethanol convertors at $10,000 USD, but d

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