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Search Engine Wars – Google Down, Yahoo Up, Bing the Same.

With the recent ComScore search engine numbers, Google is a bit down , Yahoo is a bit up, and Bing is pretty much the same.

But I still haven’t seen anyone tell someone else to “Yahoo” or “Bing” something, have you? Maybe you can Google that for me, thanks.

Google ended July with a 65.8% piece of the search pie (down from 66.2% in June), Yahoo! increased from 16.7% in June to 17.1% in July, and Bing stayed constant month-over-month at 11.0%. AOL shed a tenth of a percentage point from June to end up with a 2.3% share.

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Stylish Computer Keyboard Bag!

If you have a girlfriend who’s job is like in the IT department at Yahoo or something, you might want to consider getting her one of these really nifty and stylish computer keyboard bags that comes all feathered up in colored keyboard pieces.  Of course, I don’t think this is for sale as of now but it might be in the near future.

How can you defy the logics of science and technology with a stylish bag? Of course, with this computer keyboard bag that packs a tons of style and geekishness for any

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IP Hack – How to Redirect A Browser to Any Website!


Here’s a fun prank where you can redirect any website to your desired site by changing the “hosts” file in your computer.  For example, you can direct people who type “Google” on your computer to Yahoo or something.

Sounds like a fun prank, just don’t go overboard.

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EMAIL Hack – How To Email Bomb Your Friends And Enemies!


Email bombs: the fastest way to make everybody hate you. Have fun.

Out for a little online revenge? Learn how to create an email bomb to flood someone’s mailbox with useless mail using Yahoo alerts.

via wonderhowto.com

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Loooaded.com Image Search Engine!

Check out this new image search engine called Loooaded.  What I like most about this new site is the logo, it drives my head dazed and confused. 🙂

Basically, you can search Flickr, Yahoo Image Search, and GettyImages photos.  I think it’s a good alternative when you first search on Google Image Search and can’t find anything.

Get Loooaded!

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Digital Frame DIY – How to Share Photos using Free Online Services!

Do you have WiFi digital photo frames that are sitting on your table without your knowledge that you can use free online services to share and automatically update pictures on your frame?

Well, here’s a cool DIY showing you how you can use free online services to share your photos.

There are a few sites out there which will help you, but today we will be looking at yougotphoto.com a site where photo sharing is as easy as using a cell phone.

You would expect that a s

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DIY – How to “Listen” to Microsoft and Yahoo stocks DROP!

Well, here’s a fun visualization for Microsoft(MSFT) and Yahoo(YHOO) stocks dropping. Well, bad economy isn’t something we can change right now, but hey, take it easy, sometimes things go down and they will go u

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Amazon Hack – How to Watch Free Amazon Videos!

Here’s a cool hack I found on Yahoo News, it’s a hack that lets you watch free Amazon videos using the security hole:

(I don’t think this will last too long once Amazon finds out so we suggest you to take advantage before they close the security hole)

The free demo version of Replay Media Catcher allows anyone to watch 75 percent of anything recorded and 100 percent of YouTube videos. For $39, a user can watch everything recorded.

One Web site — www.tvadfree.com — exp

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Safari Browser Plugin

Do you use Safari to surf the web? There’s a Safari Browser Plugin that can help you search faster called, inquisitor, recently acquired by Yahoo.

Yahoo acquires Inquisitor, a Safari Browser Plug-in. Safari is the default browser on MACs but you can download it for PC too.

I find that Safari is actually a pretty good browser, a lot better than IE7. I lik

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Google doesn’t care about Mexican people?!?

Lol… Google doesn’t care about Mexican people?

Well… that might be over-analysis. Did you know that 5/5 is also Children’s Day in Korea?

With the high number of Latino community, I believe Google could have easily given their custom graphics to celebrate the 5/5 day.

Oh well, every day is a new day. The richer get richer, the poorer get poorer, doesn’t that ring a bell in the Web2.0 world?

Ask.com bungled the spelling of Cinco de Mayo, but at

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