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World’s Larget Yacht Being Built!

For most of us, buying a luxury yacht might be out of reach but for lucky billionaires out there who can, there’s a yacht being built, in fact the world’s largest, that they can buy.  I’ve seen a slew of great yachts in my lifetime but reasonably this yacht is probably the largest. Of course, cruise ships are much larger but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In an interview with CNN, Berkeley March, a naval architect, unveiled “Project 1000,” or the plan to build the world’s biggest super yacht ever. At 656 feet in length, it’

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Nose Dive First

This boat apparently nose dove into the ocean from a bigger “ship”. Well, it seems like they should have at least built in some type of automatic-reverse-driving system of sort to save it. They could probably do it for additional $100,000 on top of your $1.5 million yacht. Anyways, the lesson is learned, we got some good ways to go with “some” of these boat makers. Or should I say, “boat fakers”? (Just get a bette

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DIY – How to build a Ferro-cement Boat!

Remember our post on building your own boat? Now this one is serious and can go on the ocean.

Check out this cool DIY on building your own Ferro-cement boat. I probably wouldn’t try building my own boat since I don’t trust myself. (what if it sinks in the sea?)

But you can build one and send us pictures of your boat for some free gadgets!

The boat is the yacht &#

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