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Windows 7 Upgrades Available Now

For those of you who have read the Top 10 reasons why XP will be around longer and still want to fiddle with Windows 7, you can as Windows 7 upgrades are now officially available:

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Round-up HOWTO Links for the day


We’ve decided to do some round-up links for the day for the hell-of-it.

Check out How to fake a Web 2.0 logo for some hints on your next website’s new logo. Here’s Delicious bookmarking howto for anyone new to Web2.0 bookmarking. Check out HOWTO fight Companies Online

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Video – How To Solve Solitare Every Time


I’ve seen a lot of security guards using the internet to play games while they are bored. Well, here’s a video to hack your solitare game and win every time!

All the recent howto videos here inspired me to make my own. Here’s a walkthrough to Solitare, the little game that’s included in Microsoft Windows.

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“Bush hid the facts!” HACK on Windows XP Notepad app

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Here’s a cool bush hack on Windows XP Notepad. I tried it and it works. It must be some kind of political scheme or somethin’ Must have been a bug one of the programmers made on purpose or something… via

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