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Apple Sues Motorola Next!

Apple’s next target after Samsung? Motorola, Motorola’s latest 10.1-inch Android tablet has been deemed to have copied Apple’s iPad designs.

Come on! That is ridiculous. At least suing Samsung for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 made some kind of sense as its lighter and slimmer than iPad but suing Motorola for the Xoom tablet which does not look anywhere near an iPad???

Clearly, Apple has hired some dumb-nut lawyers to do their job of trying to take down Android via proxy companies like Samsung and Motorola. And no, there’s absolutely no clear reason

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Android 3.1 Honeycomb Coming Soon to Xoom!

Android 3.1 Honeycomb is coming to Xoom Android tablets first, with added support for Adobe Flash 10.2,  re-sizable widgets, USB peripherals support (I like this), expanded bluetooth support for bluetooth mouse/keyboard, and a whole lot more goodies.

Hopefully, I will get my hands on a Xoom soon, I’ve been saving my funds to get either the Xoom or the LG G-Slate, I am le

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