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Wii HACK – Solar powered Wii!

Wow, check out this cool solar powered Wii!

Tom’s Hardware Guide recently built a mobile Wii station, complete with an HD monitor, that’s powered in part by a solar energy (check out the Tom’s Workshop video of the project). It’s a simple invention on many levels. For one, it didn’t cost much at all to find a battery, power converter and appropriately-sized solar power panel. And the station itself is just wood with a couple of wheels and a co

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AjaxWp – An AJAX enhancement for WordPress blogs

Here’s a cool AJAX plugin for WordPress. We are going to try to plug it into Zedomax today, maybe it will speed up things a little.

If you are curious what AJAX is, it’s:

shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a

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Project Legals – One development system for all browser platforms

The thing I like Java over other languages it’s cross-platform abilities,

it seems like Project “Legals” is something of similar nature except geared toward browsers…

OpenLaszlo is an open source platform for creating zero-install web applications with the user interface capabilities of desktop client software.

OpenLaszlo programs are written in XML and JavaScript and transparently compiled to Flash and soon DHTML. The OpenLaszlo API

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