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Xbox360 Hack – How to Tether iPhone on your Xbox360!

For those of you with fast iPhone connection, you might want to learn how to tether your iPhone to your Xbox360, although this will drain your battery like hell and you will have to dedicate your iPhone to tethering.  This could actually be good alternative if you don’t have home Cable/DSL or your internet connection is down.

You will need to buy the MyWi app first though for tethering your iPhone in the first place btw.

This is pretty easy actually. First off you will need MyWi to actually enable tethering

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LED DIY – How to Make an Awesome LED Cube!

Wow, this has to be the most awesome LED project I have seen in awhile, apart from my LED projects. (okay, haha)

Can you imagine making these cool DIY LED cubes lining up the shelves in your livingroom with the lights off?  It almost reminds me of the XBOX360 logo.

You never know when you might need a glowing cube to convince people you are from the future.

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Xbox360 Hack – How to Make a Lag Switch!

Here’s a fun way to make a lag switch, it allows you to “cheat” on online games by disrupting the Rx (receiving) channel while the Tx (sending) channels keep working.  The other users get a lag while you shoot them basically.

Great idea, but if you need to cheat that bad, you should just keep practicing more instead.

By attaching a physical device (called a lag switch) to a st

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XBOX360 Hack – How to Add Wi-Fi to your Xbox 360 without breaking an arm and a leg!

Lol, it turns out the “cheapest” way to add Wi-Fi to your Xbox360 is to actually just get one of these WiFi Dongles for the regular Xbox.

That’s insane and really bad rep for Microsoft, who are basically selling their outdated technology in a new box.  (I guess it does look a little sleeker but twice the price???)

via gizmodo

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Ad Hack – Barack Obama Ads show up in an Xbox360 Game!

It’s funny but I really think this Obama’s campaign managers are a LOT smarter than McCain’s people.  It’s probably due to the fact that Obama’s employees are “younger” (although I can’t prove it), or at least he must have hired smart Web 2.0 guys who play a lot of Xbox360.  Add to the fact that Obama’s website gets more web traffic than McCain here.

Anyways, it looks like Obama’s team did some good

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Shot Online is a Free 3-D Online Golf Game!

Shot Online, a 3-D online golf gam, has been chosen as an official game of GNGWC 2008.

If you cannot afford to get Tiger Woods for your XBOX360, Nintendo Wii, or Playstation PS3, you might just want to check this game out by downloading here for free.  (The game is available for many different languages too but this one’s for English I think.)

I might try it out later this afternoon and see how well I score. 🙂

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Glow in the Dark Xbox 360 Case!

Yey, it looks like you will be able to get a Glow-in-the-dark Xbox360 case pretty soon.

What it will do?

Make your Xbox360 glow in the dark so you can find it easier???

Well, another gadget to throw your money away.

They will be available here later so check them.

via technabob

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DIY HACK Video – Xbox 360 Tilt Controller



Here’s a cool hack for your XBOX 360 if you want to make it like a Wii controller or a SixAxisController.

The accelerometer works by outputting varying voltages for varying accelerations. I will use a 3-axis accelerometer so it will output 3 varying voltages. I will use an analog-to-digital converter to get the signals into a micro controller. The micro controller will do the processing that determines how the controlle

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Control your XBOX with a PSP

Yes here’s how you can control your XBOX with a PSP, but do you really need to do that? We think it’s pointless, but then, if you are a techno-geek with all kinds of game hardware you can get your hands on for free, we don’t see why not. So the overview is, this is a useful technology for people with XBOX and PSP. But I would rather get a PS3…

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