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Shape-Shifting Robot Re-Assembles Itself and Dis-Assembles…


Lol….this robot is funny… basically it re-assembles then dis-assembles. Very pointless robot that could be applied for a robot with an important task.

Composed of 15 modules arranged in groups of five, each of CKbot’s clusters have a module with a 20fps camera, a blinking LED, and a accelerometer to reconstruct the entire robot, tied by magnets. Each of the other 12 modules have an embed

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iPhone Video Recorder just released!


Yey, it looks like iPhone Video Recorder is now available.

My friend just started blogging again, please click here and check out his cool blog if you got time.

Check out the features:

iPhone Video Recorder is a powerful iPhone oriented video recorder produced by DreamCatcher. iPhone Video Recorder records audio and video to the compressed

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