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WiMax video from “last year”…


Here’s another video demonstrating online game playing at a “park” using WiMax broadband service, something you can’t do currently with even the fastest Sprint CDMA network…

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DIY – How to Turn your Hotel LAN into a Wireless Network!


John Chow shows you how to turn a hotel LAN into a wireless network so you don’t have to pay per laptop. (PLUS VOIP thingee too…)

Great stuff John!

I want to show you two items that have a proven to be indispensable when it comes time to hit the road. One device turns the hotel’s Internet into a wireless hotspot. It’s perfect for hotels that charge for wireless Internet by the laptop. Pay one fee, get everyone connected. The other device turns the hotel’s phone into a VoIP phone. It allows me to take my numbe

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PentUltimate – The new Rubik’s Cube!


PentUltimate, is this the new rubik’s cube or what?

The author goes in detail on how to make one yourself but maybe he should patent this first…

In early 2007, I made a pencil sketch of a deep cut vertex turning icosahedron puzzle. I later realized this ground had been covered by others before in dodecahedron form, including Christopher Pelley, who

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Robo Exo-skeleton Video!


WOw, soon we will have Wolverines…

This Robotic Exoskeleton by Sarcos has been in development for many years, it still requires a tether but when it will be completely stand alone when it is released. I think the most interesting aspect will be the ability to step out of the exoskeleton and have it continue to perform some duties until you return.

via hackedgadgets

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Automated Digital Grill – Blue Ember 650 iQue’ grill


This is the kind of grill I need, the one that lowers its temperature automatically after the steak is cooked.

I am gettin’ hungry…  THis thang is going to change how we eat…steak that is of course, my favorite dish.

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘2008 NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW’) — <Visual News> Fiesta(www.fiestrabbq.com) introduced its revolutionary touch-screen digital controller grill ‘Blue Ember 650 iQue’ at the 2008 National Hardware Show, May 6 ~8, in Las Veg

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Did I just hear Shark Surfing?


Lol… yes, it is definitely possible to shark surf unless the shark in the video was faked. But it does look pretty real to me.

via Neatoramaoffice furniture in Bulgaria

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Scan Your Face for PC Security!


Here’s a really interesting face scanner security for your PC. I don’t know how their secure the software is but the face recognition technology looks pretty valid.

XID Technologies has recently made a new option available for protecting your own computer: a biometric PC access application called Face LogOn Xpress. In plain English, that’s a face scan. Now, instead of limiting your PC security to a password (or a fingerprint scan, for some devices), you can install

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DIY Home Built Guitar Pedal called “Fuzz Face”


I don’t know jack sh** about guitars but some of you might enjoy this as I did already.

This home built guitar pedal called “Fuzz Face” uses two 3AX31C germanium transistors while its onboard knobs control volume, bass, contour, fuzz, and include an internal trim pot to adjust the fuzz type. Pretty cool design and enclosure for this rockin’ device.

via make

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Automated “James Bond style” Party Room!


One of our long-time readers and a winner of a free Green Laser, Brian Gaut from Schwippy, has made a new website explaining how to make the Emergency Party Button and transform your livingroom into an automated “Jame Bond style” party room.

As seen in the video, this is a great way to transform your livingroom into a party dance club.


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Sparkfun’s Touch Tetris at Maker Faire 2008


Remember we featured Touch Tetris way back last year? Well, I saw it in person at the Maker Faire 2008 so I had to post another video of how “cool” it is.

You can go here to find out how to make one yourself.

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