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Roomba + LEDs = PacMan Roomba!


Yes, now you can officially make bunch of these PacMan Roombas and go crazy and wild.

[via makegetrobocrunchgear]

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DIY Snake Robot!


Did I hear snake-bot???


via hight3ch

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DIY – How to Make a Back-to-the-Future Flux-Capacitor!


The very first movie I watched in America was Back-to-the-future. Oh boy, I didn’t even understand English back then but loved it.

Here’s how to make your own flux-capacitor to show off to your friends.

250 bucks for a flux capacitor? Forget that, I did it for 54 dollars and 79 cents. It has 7 modes and it’s totally freaking awesome!

Very little electronics experience is required, just a little resourceful scavenging.

Thanks to Rook’s Tutorial for initial idea. BTW, that’s a

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DIY – How to Make a Wireless Accelerometer Mouse Pointer!


This is a great project for your school final project.

Human Interfacing Device is key area in modern electronics era. Gesture recognition can be well introduced in modern day computers to play 3-D games. Virtual Reality is not far away from our doorsteps. Simple inertial navigation sensor like accelerometer can be utilized in getting Dynamic or Static acceleration profile of movement to move cursor of mouse or Gyroscope to even rotate 3-D object. We propose a technique on same principle to convert acceleration profile of acc

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Darn It, my swing is getting too long!


Darn it, my swing is getting too long again… no cures for me.

Well, at least we are the coolest gadget/tech blog that actually features a blogger who plays scratch golf… right?  Okay, I am golf nut…

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DIY – How to Make a Stun Gun with a Disposable Camera!


Here’s a great way to spend your weekend, making a stun gun with a disposable camera and tested on you sister or brother.

via hackedgadgets

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Walking Spider Tractor Machine!


Yikes, this looks like a spider alien to me more than a useful machine.  Neverthless, way too cool…

We should see these replacing traditional tractor machines in the near future.

It’s a Plustech Oy / John Deere hexapod logging machine prototype. It looks amazing! Plustech Oy Walking Machine(it seems to down) has strong six-legged, it features to make a logging machine that does less damage to the forest and can move through more challenging terra

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Pong Cycle


Pong cycle anyone???

Cyclepong is an update of the classic arcade game Pong to use bikes as the controllers. To read about the first version of Cyclepong go to the Cyclepong page. I always wanted Cyclepong to be something that lots of people would get to play with. My original idea was to take it to music festivals over the summer, but things took a bit of an unexpected turn after I took it to the Dorkbot London Christmas special.

One of the people who played Cyclepong at Dorkbot was Tessa H

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iPhone Earth lets you view the Globe by tilting your iPhone!


Here’s a really cool 3D iPhone application that is coming soon. (You can sign up for the beta for now…)

The iPhone Earth lets you view satellite imagery of the globe in 3D, sorta like Google Earth, but customized for the iPhone so you can rotate it back and forth for control.

I was particularly impressed when I saw they had used the iPhone accelerometers to allow you to tilt and rotate your view by tilting the iPhone. They weren’t downloading the imag

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DIY – How to Make a Golf Hole/Cup using a Pringles Can!


I usually use an empty glass jar to practice my putting indoors but here’s a great DIY showing you how to make that golf cup using a pringles can.

This is an easy way to quickly convert a Pringles can into a portable golf hole in a matter of minutes. This is intended both for those who like to play minigolf but are on a limited budget and those that live a highly mobile web 2.0 lifestyle.


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