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Solar Powered Hyperbike!


Here’s a cool solar powered called, Hyperbike, that is very solar-efficient.

Hyperbike was presented in Vienna at the Forschungsforum chaired by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The following video features the show bike, where the solar panel charges the supercaps. Measurements have validated that 8 supercaps (EDLC) with only 176 grams are sufficient to accelerate from still stand.

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Radio Controlled Stingray gives you sting for buck!


This RC stingray has to be one of the most innovative yet disturbing radio controlled toys ever.

Heck, it doesn’t even look like a stingray to me, maybe a badly designed airplane with its wings shoved up its butt.

via geekalerts

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Air Piano is Cool(er) as(than) Mac Air!


This might be the craziest piano every built, an air piano that plays sounds based on your “touchless” finger movements.

Well, think of it this way, what if all the previous famous pianists had their hands on this one?

The AirPiano is an innovative musical interface which allows playing and controlling software instruments simply by moving hands in the air.

Above the AirPiano is a virtual matrix of keys

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Great DIY Invention – Bike Turn Signal Jacket!


Here’s a very innovative bike turn signal jacket.  This could be really good for motorcycles.  When do these go in production?

via boingboing

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DIY Remote Controlled Tortoise(or Turtle?) Robot!


Wow, this is kinda nifty robot.  It’s an RC controlled tortoise(or turtle) that does absolutely nothing but go really slow.

R/C Tortoise is a very simple r/c tortoise “bot” with direct control, using a 4 channel radio system. It uses 4 sub micro servos, and each axis of the transmitter stick controls a servo.

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Stealth Pennycam isn’t stealth anymore now that it’s out…


Stealth Pennycam is pretty amazing in that it can capture video but it isn’t stealth anymore if we know about it… Well, I guess it can work for petty thieves who don’t use the internet anyways.

The PennyCam is concealed within a Take-A-Penny, Leave-A-Penny tray, and connects to a DVR using a standard BNC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BNC cable, which can be run underneath the counter. The USD$199 unit is powered by a 12vdc adapter, and delivers 500×582 p

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Phone Car?!?


Isn’t this the most ridiculous car you’ve seen in awhile?

Well you have seen it all until you see the Phone car, which is a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle modified to look like a telephone instrument from the early nineties. Created by Howard Davis to promote his telephone company Datel Communications, this baby never fails to amaze onlookers who give a thumbs up when the big red phone hits the road. The best part about The Phon

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FBI building being Attacked by UFO!


Hahaha, FBI finally attacked by UFO!

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Giant Mechanical Spider!


These giant mechanical spiders would go great with future movies.

The Walking Beast is a mechanical creature that walks on 8 legs!

I call it the Beast because of it’s size. Its current weight is 11,300 Lbs. When finished it will be approximately 6 tons (12,000 lbs)! It stands 11 feet tall, 8′ 4″ wide and 23 feet long! It is capable of transporting 8 people including the driver. It has a step height of 41″ and a stride of 5 fe

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Micro Orb – Golf-Ball Sized Spy Camera!


That’d be way cool if this was actually a ball and you could whack the shit out of it and check out what kind of video you get afterwards…

The Micro Orb Spy Camera is a miniature surveillance video & audio recording camera concealed into a tiny 1.5 inch sphere the size of a golf ball.

The Micro Orb Spy Camera can be worn on a helmet to record your sport activities such as biking, skydiving, and hiking or as a baby monitor, a mannequin eyeball,

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