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Interactive Multi-touch LED Floor!


Here’s a really cool interactive multi-touch LED floor.  I wonder if they can turn this into an interactive game sorta like Nintendo Wii.

Sensacell’s latest contraption still manages to stand out by bringing back memories of when mouse trails really were the coolest thing about an operating system. Flashbacks aside, the installation — which is currently at the entrance to the Comunitat Valenciana in Spain — possesses over 1,000 interactive modules, each of which include cap

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Giant Waterfall Animated Display!


Wow, check out this giant waterfall animated display that will do waterfall animations with text, dolphins, and more.

via hackedgadgets, hacknmod

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RC Zombie Toy!


Halloween is not too far around the corner and here’s an RC Zombie Toy that you can play with.  Although it costs like $2,600, it’s a really well made zombie that will scare you and your family members no matter how bad your day was.

There’s a special, long wait to get this thing so order at least 6 weeks ahead of Halloween.

Remote controlled zombie i

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DIY NES HACK – How to Build an NES USB Controller with NES Games/Rom/Controller All-in-one!


Here’s a really cool NES Hack that shows you how to build an NES USB Controller that can be plugged into your computer via USB to play the games and load NES games/emulator from the controller itself!

Ok guys, ive gotten waaaaaaaaay too many requests to make a tutorial on this to ignore. Sorry it took so long. I recently made 3 more controller, each a little different from the other. I may make tutorials on those la

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Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps!


This crazy mosquito trap called Mega-Catch can be used for catching a large number of mosquitos.  The machine even uses a big tank of CO2 gas to attract mosquitos all-year-round.

Of course, you probably won’t need this $500 mosquito catcher unless you are in super mosquito-rich area.

The first choice of thousands of US households as the ultimate weapon against mosquitoes. Meg

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How to Practice Jet Skiing in your Spa!


This isn’t a real DIY but still, it’s a proof that you can practice jet skiing in your spa.

via gizmodorgb

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USB Ring Optical Mouse!


This little ring mouse will help you get more stuff done by letting your mouse sit on your finger.  It’s even got a scroll button so you can use your thumb or the index finger to scroll.

– Innovative design, cool gadget – Mouse attaches to index fingers – Allows you to control the cursor/mouse and type at the same time – Perfect for using in constrained areas (airplanes, trains and buses) &#

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Crawling, Begging Japanese Robot!


This actually reminds me of Korea, where sometimes there are “fake” beggars on the street who have no legs but in reality they can jump up and run after people who steal those fake beggars’ money.

via declubz

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BlackBerry Javelin Spy Peek!


BlackBerry Javelin Spy Peek!

Well, here’s some spy peek into the Blackberry Javelin.  It does look promising, I can wait to get my hands

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DIY – How to Make Automatic Cat Water Dispenser!


Here’s a really cool DIY that shows you how to make an automatic cat water dispenser so your kitty can drink water straight from the faucet!

So, I built the Cat Faucet so the cats could turn the water on and off for themselves. As a kit, I would rate this medium complexity. The electronics are simple and straight-forward but you also need to do some mechanical work and some

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