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Nokia HACK – Android Running on a Nokia N95!


Yey, it looks like Google might take over the cellphone software market…eventually.

Who knows, someone will probably figure out a way to run Android on the iPhone soon.

via gizmodo

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RedBull NASCAR Pitstop at New York!

LMAO, this is cool!  (via techeblog)

Red Bull Racing NASCAR driver Brian Vickers and his pit crew perform a full pit stop in the middle of Times Square, New York.

20.6 seconds might not be the fastest pit stop ever, but it will never be beaten in Times Square.


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Apple with 3 new Mac commercials


Here’s some more Apple ads trying to counter the new Laptop Hunter ads.

It looks like Apple is trying to counter Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter commercials. They seem to be successful so far with these new commercials. The video below has all three comercials in one. Great Thanks to TheMightyM94 for uploading it.

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Oscilloscope DIY – How to Buy and Use an Oscilloscope!


Editor’s Note: Here’s a great site on how to buy and use an oscilloscope

A 3 part video tutorial series on what to look for when buying an oscilloscope, where to buy one, and how to use it.

An oscilloscope is the most important piece of electronic test equipment you can buy after a multimeter. They allow you to see, in great detail, what is going on with all the voltages in your circuit. If you ever work with audio circuits, timers, microcontrollers, radios, or anything isn’t DC, an oscilloscope will help you

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Harddisk Hack – How to Make a Harddisk DataLocker!


A sophisticated harddisk datalocker using a PIC microcontroller might not be what you had in mind for securing your data but this guy has done just that, all colorfully illustrated with detailed instructions.

How to turn and ordinary external harddrive into a datalocker using only a PIC microcontroller, a keypad and some various other components.

via instructables

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DIY Jailbroken iPhone Keyboard!


Here’s a really cool DIY “jailbroke” iPhone keyboard someone mustered up using IR, I guess anything is possible when you start hackin’ it.   Simply nicely done guys.

Expanding on their audio port modem , PerceptDev engineers Zack Gainsforth and George Dean d

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Thai Food Hack – How to Make Thai Pork Salad and Thai Shrimp Salad!


The other day, I had the please of making Thai Pork Salad and Thai Shrimp Salad for dinner, I took some pictures so you can learn how to make “authentic” thai salads too.

This is my favorite food to eat when I am drinking rice wine or soju and highly recommended if you are into spicy foods.

Here’s some Thai language lessons before we begin here:

Yam-Muh-Yuh means Thai Pork Salad while Yam-Koong means Thai Shrimp Salad, where “Yam” means “Thai Salad&

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Apple In-Ear Headphones Review!


(Apple In-ear Headphones Earbud & Earbud case)

Yes, as promised before in my Apple In-ear Earphones review, I got hands on the new in-ear headphones today.

The very first thing I noticed are the nice cases for earbuds and the headphones themselves.  (I bet I just paid half of the money for that!)

(Apple In-ear Headp

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Hair Hack – How to Make your Hair Like Pussycat Dolls!


Here’s a cool DIY for ladies out there, watch as this girl shows you how to make your hair like the Pussycat Dolls.

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Newsstand Hack – How to Make a Digital Newsstand!


Here’s a really fun hack that shows you how to make a digital newsstand for your home!  This might be a great way to check out front page news of your favorite newspapers, all while sitting at home.

Of course, we’d like to see this hacked a bit further, perhaps somehow hooking up a Kindle 2 to actually read the whole newspaper.

I’ve modified an old newspaper box to deliver the latest headlines to my livin

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