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Router Hack – How to Make a Super Router!

Here’s a guy who manages to modify his Linksys 54G router into a super router by installing a CPU heatsink with an external fan, adds super-long 9dB antennas, and aftermarket firmware DD-WRT to overlock the darn thing as much as possible.

I actually personally using one of these routers with DD-WRT, overclocked a bit, but this hack certainly will allow you to be on the very bleeding edge of router hack

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DIY Hack – SD Card Connector Hack

Here’s a cool way to connect a SD Card to your WRT54G, but you could probably apply it for any other application…

This guy found that an old-style floppy connector fits a SD card perfectly. He shows how to wire the connector up to your WRT54g.

[via] unar

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