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Christmas DIY – How to Make a Wreath with an Old Book!

Christmas is almost here and I am sure many of you already have a wreath (you’ve bought from the store) but for those of you artist-type like people who haven’t, how about making your own Christmas wreath with an old book!  This is the coolest wreath ever!

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Zedomax Halloween Costume/Pumpkin/Home Decoration Ideas!

Well, it’s going to be that time of the year, Halloween, one of my favorite American Holidays and here’s a re-cap of various different Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Ideas:

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Spacesuit Halloween Costume might be a great way to scare your neighbors and score extra candy.

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Pumpkin Wreath!

Check out this cool Halloween DIY on how to make a pumpkin wreath.  It’s not Christmas but no one said you can’t make a wreath on a special American holiday.

Here’s a great use for those miniature pumpkins that you see in grocery stores and at produce stands this time of year. For a Halloween decoration that will bring seasonal color to your front door, attach some miniature pumpkins to a plastic foam wreath. It’s easy to do: Just wire the tiny pumpkins to the wreath form, and use sheet moss to fill in the spaces between th

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DIY – How to Make a Dyno Wreath!

Here’s a cool Dyno Wreath you can make.  Of course, it’s not Christmas yet but your children will still love the fact that you made a special, custom wreath just for them.

I call it the Dino Wreath. Clever, yes? In any case, if you’re bonkers for brontosauri, here’s the Patented Living Small Do It Yourself Dino Wreath Guide. Note: This project has a difficulty rating of SUPER EASY.

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Zedomax DIY123 – HOW TO make a Christmas LED wreath!


We were thinking that we could make another last minute DIY for that uses a Ryobi FAN from Home Depot, high output LEDs, and an embedded computer. Although we have been spending way too much time making DIYs and not working, we are glad we did make a cool Christmas LED Wreath we are proud of. The video by the way did not capture the real effect because of the frame rate of the camera but th

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