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Watch as water jet cuts through steel to make a steel sunflower!


Videos like these make me go WOW!

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Google’s First Server ever and Google Master Plan!

Whoa, check out Google first server ever and Google Master Plan! (Click on picture to zoom)

…with the hair pulled back, revealing a rack of cheap networked PCs, circa 1999.

Each level has a couple of PC boards slammed in there

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a open-source MP3 Player!

The guys Will at posted his howto on .  He shows us how to solder and assemble the Make Daisy MP3 Player from scratch! Well, this MP3 Player has always been on our priority list for hacking and modding so check it out and make one for yourself! We plan to hack it with some LCDs and more…


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Venturi Astrolab: First Commercially-Available Solar Hybrid

Wow, check this car out, it can go 74mph! I like the solar panel designs…

From that forward-thinking French company Venturi, here’s Astrolab, the first commercially available solar electric hybrid car in the world. The company says it can go 74mph and has a range of 68 miles, probably long enough for most commutes. The entire top of the vehicle is equipped with photovoltaic cells�3.6 square meters of them�and they store that

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Human rocket

Wow check these underground photos of human rocket from Make!

via Make

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Samsung 32GB 64GB Compact Flash

Today, I was looking through the new edition of Popular Science, it seems like all the gadgets and latest technology stuff was really already known in blogs…wow…power of blogs…

anyways, here’s 32GB and 64GB compact flash cards from Samsung,

which should be in your pop sci magazine soon…

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