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Photography DIY – How to Use the Light Meter!

The light meter has been one of the most overlooked user features on a digital or SLR camera.  One of our network bloggers Andrew Nealon has some great tips on how to make the best use of your light meter:

As you get ready to take a picture, take a reading on your light meter. Most meters run from -2 to +2, with each mark on the meter representing a “stop” or aperture increment. (Don’t worry about what the aperture is right now, we’ll learn about that later.) By adjusting the camera’s aperture and shutter speed — the thumb wheel on SLR

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Sun Table for Outdoor Laptopping!

Need to work outdoors because you need some air?  Don’t worry as the Sun Table will let you do that while your laptop is charged by the large solar panels embedded in the table.

The outdoor solar table lets you power up your laptop, via the Suns rays. The table is rather long, and would hold plenty of items, aside from your PC use. It is also water-resistant. The table is a neat idea, and would be great for those who spend a good deal of time on the internet.


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FCUK BloggingPro – Sell your Blog Themes, you deserve it and you worked hard Ben!

Hmm… looks like our friend Ben over at Blogging Experiment is pondering over whether to sell his customized WordPress Theme or not. I suggest him to incorporate in South Africa and don’t worry about what happens. Okay, that was a joke.

BTW, FCUK is a clothing line I like to wear, it stands for “French Connection United Kingdom“, so don’t be offended, it’s not the swear word…hahaha…

Here’s the

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BMW Shredded on Video!


Here’s a BMW shredded on video! It’s an old Beemer so don’t worry.

via Keetsa

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Build a Super Sky Cycle and jump that traffic jam!


Check out these Super Sky Cycles you can build which are a motorcycle/helicopter hybrid.

Don’t worry about traffic jams anymore. This SkyCycle is a cross between a motorcycle and a gyroplane. It can race to 55 mph on the ground and more than 100 mph in the air. Unfortunately, it is only available as a kit, so you’ll have to rely on your own craftsmanship… but it will only cost you about $37,000.

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