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Automatic Ball Throwing Machine for your Dog!

Check out this really cool “automatic ball throwing machine” for your dog. Set it on and your dog will play tirelessly while you can focus on working from home or doing your dishes.

We couldn’t find any sources other than this Tennis ball throwing machine patent and a simliar device called

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DIY – HOWTO create professional look to your cds using the DYMO DiscPainter CD/DVD Printer!


Wow, check this out. DYMO’s DiscPainter can help you create professional quality CD covers so you can keep working from home like me. :p

The DYMO DiscPainter creates excellent artwork for your CD’s and DVD’s, and it does it in a speedy fashion, but the real downfall of this device is the cost of operation. The device itself costs $280. The ink cartridges cost $39 a piece, which puts the the cost per disc at $0.39 for the cost of ink alone. You also have to factor in the cost of th

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