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WordPress DIY – How to Upgrade WordPress in 15 seconds!

For most of my life, I have been rather fond of doing things faster than every else as evidenced my the very first blog (arr HTML) post on Zedomax.com.

Upgrading my WordPress is no exception, I am always in a race with time plus I manage about 20 blogs, meaning I need to get them upgraded FAST if I want to have some time to kill later.

So, without delay, I’ve posted exactly how to upgrade a WordPress

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WordPress DIY – How to Install Nginx to Run WordPress!

As I promised in my last blog post about Nginx versus Lighttpd, I have written a step-by-step guide for those of you webmasters who want to be able to handle more web traffic by switching your WordPress blog to Nginx.

So far, based on 24 hour testing, it seems like Nginx does have a slight memory leak but clearly a lot better than Lighttpd.  It will take couple more days to figure out if there’s more memory leak or not.

So far, switching to Nginx has had some dramatic speed improvements over Lighttpd on most of our websites.

Well, it’s been a long c

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Google Analytics Hack – How to Track Outbound Links in WordPress!

For those of you who want to track outbound links of your web traffic in Google Analytics, there is a free and easy way to do it using Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.

There’s other ways to do this by implementing your own javascript code to a href tags but this plug-in does it for you automatically for WordPress blogs.

This plugin adds the possibility to tag and segment all outgoing links, so you can see whether a cl

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WordPress DIY – How to Use WordPress!

Lifehacker has a great post on how to use WordPress for all you beginner bloggers.  I just like this image so much I did this blog post but for those of you “learning” how to blog and use WordPress, this guide should be of good help.

I should also start making a DIY guide soon although I am sorta in the middle of a new project. (that I will actually finish this time!)

Here, go to LifeHacker now.

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Thank you.

It’s been exactly 2 years, 7 months, and 26 days since this site was started.  In the beginning, this site wasn’t even a real blog, I used basic HTML code to create couple pages that looked like a blog.

Of course, after using WordPress and started covering more DIYs, HOWTOs, gadgets, and other cool tech stuff, we began to grow and grow.

As you can see, the initial traffic spike was caused by some of

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Pringo – A Possible Social Networking Solution to WordPress – Web 2.0 Expo 2009


Well, I have a really long weekend as I worked through the weekend (as usual) but I still have plenty of interviews from Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco to blurt out.

Pringo is a new social networking platform that is compatible with many CMS including WordPress.  From what I can see, you can take your blog to another level by adding Pringo to your blog.

If you are running a blog on WordPress, y

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WordPress DIY – How to edit you WordPress theme

To continue with WordPress tutorials, this video shows you how to tweak with your theme, which is probably the hardest thing to do for WordPress beginners.

If you know your code, you can skip this video. But if you are just starting out and what to get to know the basics, as well has some helpful tips on how to mess with your theme, take a look.

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WordPress DIY – How to install Google Friend Connect to your blog

I haven’t used Google Friend Connect before, but I’ve noticed it popping up on WordPress blogs here and there. So I figured I’d throw up a tutorial video, just in case you haven’t heard of it either.

The setup is as basic as it gets, with only one small challange — downloading and then uploding some files from Google to your server.

Beyond that, it’s just an easy widget embed. Check it out:

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WordPress DIY – Best Plugin Picks

So, here’s another good WordPress video, which offers some picks for wordpress plugins.

I use a number of these plugins on my blog, and I know Max uses a lot of these as well here at Zedomax.

Again, this is pretty basic stuff, but it’s a great refresher and a reminder about some excellent plugins that you might have missed.

Sorry, it’s sort of a boring video. But the info is great for beginners.

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Blog DIY – How to add adsense ads in WordPress

So, keeping with our recent WordPress tips series, here’s a basic how to for putting adsense ads on your WordPress blog using a text widget. This is probably the easiest way to place ads, but it isn’t very versatile.

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