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WordPress DIY – How to design a wordpress theme

One of the hardest things to learn when switching over to WordPress is how to customize a theme. But thanks to ThemeTation’s How To Design A WordPress Theme From Scratch walkthrough, you can learn some of the basics.

The how to guids ou through the steps to make the above blog theme. Then one you make it, you can go in and make changes to make it look like anything you want.

There are a lot of WordPress theme how tos out there. But this is one of my favorite. If yo

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New Design for Zedomax WordPress Theme!

Here’s my new Web3.0 design for Zedomax’s new WordPress Theme.  Well, it looks kinda crude since I put it on my kitchen whiteboard but I will let update with HOWTOs and the theme available for free download when I am done.

Basically, I will be redesigning the site to be more like a search engine.  Since Zedomax.com has a LOT of information but it’s hard to search, I will make a custom WordPress image search.  That would be fun hey?

I have been noticing how many new RSS subscribers HackNmod

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WordPress Theme – Journalist 3-Column Theme 1.1

Hey we’ve hacked the Journalist theme by Lucian Marin.

I have a sample of an empty blog with the Journalist 3-Column Theme.

It’s basically a stripped down version of our current theme without the ads and the really cool stuff…hehe…

Anyways, I thought it might help some of you guys out there.

It’s not perfect yet but it is a good 3-Column version of the Journalist theme.

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