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WordPress DIY – How to Manage Your WordPress Blog on Your Nexus One!

As a recent buyer of a Nexus One phone, Matt and the WordPress team just released WordPress app for Android, which comes to be at the perfect time as I happen to be away fr

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WordPress Hack – How to Run a WordPress Blog on Lighttpd!

For the last couple months, I have been playing around with a lot of different web servers.  Because my web servers kept going down, I had to find a new solution to help minimize my on-growing web server hosting costs.

About 2 years ago, one of the tech support guys at the dedicated server hosting company told me there’s a lighter web server called “Lighttpd”.

Well, I digged all the information I could on Lighttpd and found pieces of information that could let me run Zedomax.com on Lighttpd.  (I also did find many other good web server alternatives like Ngi

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Palm Pre Hack – How To Install a WordPress Blog Website on a Palm Pre!

You know, I haven’t had this much “hacking” fun since I first started this site.  I just figured out how to install a WordPress blog on my Palm Pre!  It runs really well btw but I can’t tell you the domain name since Sprint might cancel my contract if too many people start accessing it.

Anyways, I’ve written a detailed DIY guide over at Palm Pre Hacks Blog, make sure to check it out if you plan on taking your website with you at all times.

P.S. I am sure there will be one day technology gets so good that my blog will run on a cellphone.


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Quick Twitter DIY – How to Make a ReTweetThis button for your WordPress Blog from Scratch!

Well, I’ve been messing with Twitter today, I even made a new URL shortening called U2S.Me in 2 hours, here’s how to make ReTweet This! button for your WordPress blog froms scratch:

For those of you who want to create your own “ReTweet This!” button using your favorite URL shortener, (mine is U2S.Me, which I made from scratch) you can easily implement a CURL into your single.php to make this happen on the fly.

Here’s how to do it, add the following code in your single.php (This example uses U2S.Me to shorten URLs, you can

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WordPress DIY – How To Get Your WordPress HOWTO Blog Posts Noticed using WPTut.com!

One of my blogger friends Jason over at Blogtomic has just launched a new WordPress Tutorial Social Networking site called WPTut.com where you can submit your WordPress HOWTOs and get free marketing.

A WordPress Tutorial site called WPTut.com was launched last week (in secret) by one of my friends Jason from Blogtomic.com.

He created a social networking site completely from a WordPress blog so it’s kinda cool in that sens

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