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WASP is a Wireless Aerial Surveillance Drone that can Crack WiFi/GSM on the Fly LITERALLY!

Here’s an incredible hacking machine of the decade you will ever see, it’s a 14-pound, six-foot long, six-foot wingspan unmanned aerial vehicle built by Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins that can crack WiFi while flying in air and also intercept GSM calls from carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T.

What uses for this WASP?

This could be applied in many areas of spying on terrorists. Without them knowing, the drone can intercept their phone calls, SMS text messages, and even know every website they’ve visited.

See video of WASP in action here:

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Affordable Wireless Motion-Sensing LED Floodlight!

Problem with most traditional wired floodlights is that they must be “wired” and that means drilling holes in the walls of your home and that can sometimes be bad (if you install it wrong).  Besides that, you might actually spend more money as for most motion-sensing wired floodlights are in the $100-200 range.

But why bother with all that when you can get these Wireless Motion-Sensing LED floodlights (that run on three D batteries for a year) and install them everywhere around your house without drilling

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GSM Hack – How to Make GSM Car Starter!

Here’s a guy who put together a cheap cellphone and GSM-enabled relay to make a GSM car starter, meaning he can start his car by calling a number.  The creater used GSM relay unit which says it cost him $199 but I think if you buy the GSM unit and relay separately, he could have saved even more money.  (I’ve done a similar project here, all you would have to do is add a relay to that and it would be a GSM relay unit btw.  That one you c

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Video Game Chair with Subwoofer!

My couch servers me fine for most days but some days, I imagine what it’d be like to be blogging on a video game chair with my internet radio on full-blast, all with subwoofers cranking my back.

For that, there’s is a cool video game chair you can get, the Wireless X Cooper!  (Yes, I want this for Christmas Santa!)

This chair features two speakers near the head rest and a built-in subwoofer positione

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HDTV Hack – How to Connect your Computer to HDTV Wirelessly

For those of you looking to ways to hook up your desktop to your HDTV wirelessly using either HDMI digital connection or standard analog VGA, there IS a way, you can use Atlona’s AT-HDAir product which is a USB HDMI/VGA wireless converter.  The unit also supports audio for HDMI connections as of recently (see press release), which means you will no longer need cables nor have your desktop close to your HDTV in order to watch crisp, clear 720P YouTube videos.

As for me,

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Headphone Hack – How to Make Simple Desktop Computer Wireless Headphones!

Here’s a real simple desktop computer wireless headphone you can make using a JVC wireless headphones instead of buying those $200-300 bluetooth headphones.

Did you know that there’s plenty of 12V and 5V DC lines you can use off your desktop computer to power a whole bunch of devices?  Well, this is a great example of that.

After [Parker] found an old set of JVC 900 Mhz wireless headphones (and a generic 900MHz transmitter), he cracked open the case to see what he could do w

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Top 10 Portable Speakers for iPod/iPod Touch/iPhones!

1. The iLive IBCD3817DTBLK Portable Boombox is probably the best bet for your money as it’s not only an iPod-dockable speakers, the Boombox itself is also a radio/CD player.  This is probably the best speaker you can get for your money.


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DIY Linksys HACK – HOWTO tweak your router to go 10 times faster!

If you are like most folks who don’t know about DD-WRT and your Linksys router is dying on you, it’s time to switch your OS to DD-WRT.

DD-WRT also works on over 80 other routers, so be sure to check the supported devices list here.

DD-WRT is basically an aftermarket linux firmware for your Linksys router. It’s like putting an aftermarket turbo system on your h

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DIY iPhone HACK – Go SiteHoppin’ on your iPhone or iPod Touch!


Here’s a demo of how you can browse new interesting websites on your iPhone or iPod Touch with SiteHoppin. Now, you can surf the web faster on the go, on your iPhone or iPod Touch, simply by pointing your Safari browser to http://sitehoppin.com.

Yeah baby! We did it! We are going to build the tightest browser-within-browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch baby!!!

Oh yeah, you can

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The Quarter Wiki – a new paid Online Encyclopedia!

As you know, the team of moonlighters at Zedomax.Net has been working on new paid wikis. We belive this concept of paid wikis will blow up soon and we have just started diggin’.

We first made Five Dollar Wiki, One Buck Wiki, then EntreWiki.

Now, we introduce you to the new younger brother, The Qua

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