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DIY Soda Can Robot “Robug” Kits for your Kids!

Rather than buying your kids something from ToysRUs, you might want to consider getting him/her one of these cool soda can robug kits that can transfrom any soda can into a soda can “robug”.

Explore the world of robotic science with the Soda Can Robug science kit from Green Science. Kids age 8 and up can recycle a soda can and turn it into a working robotic bug. Kids will be delighted to see

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DIY Cardboard Wings and parts for Better Aerodynamics!

I honestly don’t believe using cardboard for auto aerodynamics will ever work but this one does look ridiculously funny and had to post it.

via make

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USB iBuddy – MSN Messenger Alert Lights!


Here’s USB iBuddy, an MSN Messenger alert light basically. It even has wings, just like RedBull.

You can buy it here:

iBuddy at Brando.com.uk for $20

iBuddy at Firebox.com for $24.95

iBuddy at BuyiBuddy.com f

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Solar Powered Dragonfly Robot!

If you live in an area with little dragonflies, you might want to consider getting the solar powered dragonfly robot, which is just as good in my mind.

These may like the replicators off of Stargate SG1 but we are assuming that these solar powered robots are totally friendly and apart from the occasional burst of energy when it begins to flap its wings the bug will remain where it has been placed.

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Radio Controlled Stingray gives you sting for buck!


This RC stingray has to be one of the most innovative yet disturbing radio controlled toys ever.

Heck, it doesn’t even look like a stingray to me, maybe a badly designed airplane with its wings shoved up its butt.

via geekalerts

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Jetpowered Sky-Diving Man!


This has got to be the most awesome sky-diving experience with a wing and jet that lasts up to 4 minutes at 200 kilometers per hour.

The jet-pack consists of wings with a total three meter span with four model engines built under the wings. Speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour are possible. So far, the device does not allow powered take-offs. So, he jumps out of a plane, stabilizes his flight, and then powers up. Up to four minutes of powered flight a

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Ooooohhhh, check out this cool LED POV! You can do current time, signs, and more! Nicely done!

From the pictures you can see there’s a motor on the rotor shaft (with the blue housing), and an additional one below the mounting plate. The first motor turned out have too little power to give the rotor enough speed. So I added another motor and a gear, and put stream line wings on the LED bar. The first motor had the rotary encoder attached, so I left

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Cool RC Foamy Flying Wings

Here’s cool DIY plans that you can make some RC Foamy flying wings! Please send me some samples to Max! 🙂

All the 3D maneuvers are mixed up with conventional aerobatics to make a breathtaking routine…. But unlike other types of flying, a specific plane is needed. To fly 3D, you have to have a plane that’s has lots of pitch and yaw control. Elevators taking up 50%-60% of horizontal stabilizer’s surface is a must. They need to be able to travel to 45 deg in either way. The same

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