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Wine Bottle DIY – How to Cut a Wine Bottle and Turn It into a Wine Bottle Into a Vase!

Here’s an awesome DIY that shows you how to cut a wine bottle perfectly using a bottle cutter, candle, and ice so you can use it as vase.  What an incredible idea, I think these would make awesome flower vases too!

I recommend only tackling a case of bottles at a time, because it does get tiring and they add up over time. The

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Earth DIY – HOW TO Make Wine Bottle Torch!

I have to confess that I am an avid wine bottle drinker and throw away many wine bottles daily.  Well, here’s a great DIY that shows you how to turn/re-make your old wine bottles into a classy wine bottle torch!

this clever outdoor diy idea comes from erik anderson of gerardot & co.- a creative branding and design agency in indianapolis. erik was kind enough to share a fantastic project that turns an everyday bottle into a modern backyard tiki torch.


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Garden DIY – How to Make a Wine Bottle Moss Garden!

It seems that more and more people these days have decided to re-use, recycle, and re-make cool artistic objects.  Today’s subject is on how to make a wine bottle moss garden using your empty wine bottles and moss collected from your nearest forest.  I think this is a great idea as you can keep most of that moss contained in the wine bottle while the moss will keep growing nicely.

So I did my best to replicate her art using my own medium: wine. My five-year-old son and I went into the woods last fall and col

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Wine Bottle Screws!

For those of you looking for simple wine cork alternatives for your favorite wine bottle, these cool “wine bottle screws” might be perfect for keeping your red liquid secure for another week. – link

If you are a fan of whimsical and quirky items then give the Bottle Screws by Luckies a look. Available from here, the bottle screws fit snugly and securely into any open wine bottle preserving the precious liquid within and are made of f soft silicone.

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Wedding DIY – How to Make Table Numbers!

Well, I could probably easily make some DIY printable table numbers using Photoshop, but here’s the simpler way to do it if you are not a graphic designer/programmer like me:

The photo table number would be great for a bridal shower or a baby shower with a picture of the couple or the mom to be. You could replace the wine bottle by a reusable water bottle for an outdoor theme party.

Martha supplied two templates with no number, in case yo

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Lamp DIY – How to Make a Wine Bottle LED Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to make a wine bottle LED lamp!  The cool thing here is the idea, that you can recycle your own empty wine bottles with some LEDs and power to illuminate your livingroom.

Great stuff.

A simple lamp using an old win bottle and a string of Christmas lights. A great gift idea.

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